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Going Home

I was really excited a few weeks ago when my parents told me we would be coming home in March, my dad has a apartment he had been renting out that we’ll move into when we get home, it’s a two bedroom house, we’re going to get a fold up bed in the lounge that my parents will sleep on, I feel kid of bad that we get out own rooms and they have to the go through all of the trouble of turning the lounge into a bedroom, my parents are starting a big move towards minimalism, I might write another post about that sometime. 400 more words


Cockles for dinner

So we went to the Seafood Festival for Auckland anniversary (175 years) to be precise. It was another scorcher day. James won us two bags of cockles from Dunedin for our dinner. 18 more words


How to I see everything on Facebook (not just what Facebook thinks you should see)

By default, Facebook shows you what it thinks are the top stories from your friends. If you want to see everything your friends post you can change the Facebook settings. 62 more words

IT Tips

Over too soon

Well the long weekend is over… Everyone here is tired and ready for bed, well except Miss B of course.  We’ve already spent an hour and a half trying to get her to stay in bed… So I need a minute just to sit for a little bit before the post-camping clean up commences! 364 more words

January 2015

To anxious to party.

Last year I was invited to a friend’s 21st birthday party. I’m not a very outgoing, confident person, so you can only imagine how I felt when the only person that I knew was the party girl. 430 more words


How Can You Be An Everyday Hero?

This head line seems to just about sum up all to be said. But, sometimes all we need is a hero, someone to step in and save us from our lives. 365 more words

January 26 - An apology

An apology is owed to my faithful readers – I have been lax and it could have been avoided with a little prior preparation.

It would seem that the instrument of choice for my writing is a keyboard, not a mobile or tablet.   61 more words