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Upon the discovery of the pearl-clutching, moralist, and boring side of me

The jargon that I and Mark have with our friends, like Stephen, can border on the shocking sometimes. It takes a particularly close friend not to be offended. 972 more words


When Your Kids are On-Line, You're On the Line

Uncle Ben is known for telling a young Peter Parker (also known as Spiderman for any Marvel-impaired people) that with great power comes great responsibility. Today, I might tweak that to, “with great technology comes great responsibility… for the parent!” 1,025 more words


Missing My Bitches

It has been so long since the three of us spent actual time together. I know this may sound weird but I kind of miss our late-night thesis cramming and all the stress that comes with it. 106 more words


Destination: Darjeeling Part 2

Perfectly quaint and easily the safest I had felt in a couple of months, it was as though we had been dropped into a film set or alternative reality. 584 more words



Canadian reservist’s beloved dogs wait for him to return home a day after he was shot dead 189 more words

officially official

well guys, guess what. It’s official. I now have a student visa to study in Australia and my flights are booked! what the heck, I am going to Australia in TWO MONTHS. 272 more words


The kind of hugs that squeeze your heart.

One of my closest friends celebrated her birthday today. In Texas.

That sounds far at first, but it is so much closer than being across the Pacific. 909 more words