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Great Expectations

After yesterday’s blog post, I started thinking about expectations. The expectations we set for ourselves and for our lives. Whether it be for the next year or the next decade, we all set some form of expectations. 361 more words


Growing Up TOO FAST...Overly Sentimental?

I’m at that age where people are getting engaged, married, having kids, etc. It’s one thing to see it happen to a distant acquaintance, (i.e. old hs classmate on facebook) but it’s hitting close to home now. 474 more words

Tripping over grief

Today, I stumbled and tripped over grief. It snuck up on me and took me by complete surprise. The funk started last night and really came to a head today. 385 more words


Wahre Freunde
Sie sind Raritäten
Aber es gibt sie

True friends
They are rarities
But they really exist


© 2014 Hans-Jürgen Sommerfeld, all rights reserved


Happy Friends!

One thing that makes me super duper happy is seeing my friends super duper happy and succeed. Today I got a picture message from one of my best friends flashing a beautiful rock! 675 more words


Taking a survey vs. being concerned

Are you okay?

•I really didn’t want details, I was just being polite.
•It doesn’t really matter I just needed a favor
•I don’t really have time to listen so hurry up. 118 more words



GIRLS… the selfies issue is going toooo far. If you’re at a party, talk, socialize, eat or whatever but don’t spend half an hour taking a 100 pictures. 40 more words