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Friends as Rest Stops on the Road Trip of Life: A Tribute

If my life is described as one long road trip without a map, best friends would be the rest stops along the highway. Like rest stops, my friends take my crap, allow me to get cleaned up, and actually rest before moving onward. 534 more words



Friendship is
like a song,
A beautiful memory
that lingers on…


Necessary growth

From time to time people come and go from our lives. Whether it’s death, breakups, divorce, busyness or simply growing apart we have all felt the pain of loss. 770 more words


5 Steps To Build Friendships from Strangers By Not Just Mere Acquaintances

Imagine yourself friendless in a foreign country. First step for every traveler is to gain friends within the area. In order for you to do that, you have to store some self-confidence and pick the appropriate person you can talk to. 1,198 more words


I lost my best friend!!!!

Have you ever heard been told that you look like you have just lost your best friend?  Recently I had a dreadful experience where I actually thought that this had happened!  1,345 more words

My bedtime view

Sometimes, he consumes my mind. I love it. Yet, I hate it.

Torn in two.