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The Saddest Dog In The World

Sarah Mclachlan will not be sappily serenading this pup. If you live overseas, that’s a reference to a series of SPCA spots that showcase mangled dogs with Sarah’s syrupy sweet “In The Arms Of The Angels” song, playing in the background. 430 more words

Do, Change, Mend or Bake Things

Doing things with our hands is therapeutic. This is why hobbies and pastimes are valuable, specially when we regularly take time for them. If you don’t do something that involves focused concentration on something you enjoy doing, consider starting. 503 more words


True Amigos?

Many people are always trying to find their true group of friends, but others are willing to be more of the flamboyant kind of person; where they are able to jump from group to group. 667 more words


It's Not You, It's Me

We have friends, and then we have groups. Sometimes you and your friends are part of the same group, and sometimes your friends are a part of groups and you’re not. 910 more words

I get by...

A couple days ago, as I sat staring at my various social media and wishing to be more social, on it or otherwise, the thought occurred to me I spend too much time continuously reaching out to people who rarely  1,138 more words

Daily Ramble

Lee and Pevey in DC

주연이네 가족이 독일로 이사가기전에 DC에 들렸다. 민지도 LA에서 와서 Join 하고 정말 좋은 시간을 가졌다.
한가지 아쉬운건 내가 막 입덧이 시작했던터라 바니아빠가 직접 만들어준 Sushi를 먹지 못했다는것. 10 more words

* Little Film *

Measure Success

I love the way you touched me,

What more can I say?

I believe, I will measure

My success in this life and my worth… 40 more words