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I don't care about you because you are hurting.

I don’t care about you because you are hurting.
I care about you because you are a friend.
I care about you because when I had no one, 153 more words


Faith versus Trust

Many people think that faith and trust are the same thing. They’re not.

Faith is blind belief. No evidence, no proof, no reciprocation. It’s a leap. 522 more words


The Misconception Behind Being "Disabled"

He may never be able to be what society considers “normal”, but he definitely isn’t what society considers “disabled”.

Justin is able in every way. He is able to read, write, and hold a conversation. 211 more words

What Christmas is really about

Tonight was once of the most fun nights I have had in a very long time.  Tonight I got to spend the evening with a group of friends from church.   1,051 more words


28 Tahun: Sekali Lagi Bersamamu

w/ girls

Hi Bil, tante selalu mendapatkan kesan luar biasa tentang kehidupan di bulan Desember. Duka maupun suka tetap menjadi hadiah dari Allah. Sejak semester kedua S1, bulan Desember setiap tahunnya pasti ada hadiah makna kehidupan luar biasa mulai dari simbah meninggal, perjalanan seorang diri ke Eropa, perjalanan mencari pekerjaan ideal, dan apapun itu senantiasa indah. 280 more words



Initially I planned on writing this sooner but I got busy, and recently just added on to it (just now) and had a certain feeling too go a little further but I felt as if in a way I was repeating myself too much so I just stooped here. 478 more words