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Not because of what you did
Or did not do…

Not because of what you said
Or failed to say…

Not because of what you know… 39 more words


30 poems. Still madly behind. Small Town of Bubwith.

Twenty years ago, myself and my best friend, Liz, travelled to England; not to go on a working holiday, spending our weekends whooping it up in London’s nightlife; but rather, to go to a strange little theatre school, in the middle of North Yorkshire,  called A.R.T.T.S. 253 more words


I’ve got this online “friend” who condescends and belittles (accusations of ignorance in the best of cases) when I state an opinion that contradicts theirs. Sometimes even just acknowledging the potential legitimacy of any alternate outlooks. 42 more words

Beginning to discuss what happened a year ago.

I’m ready to start opening up about what happened almost a year ago. There was a great deal that lead up to it, as can be the case for many events such as mine. 439 more words

Personal Health

Take My Hand

Take my hand. 

It is outstretched towards you, the alabaster skin shows no heavy burdens, past wounds, or present trials. It has been clothed in the invisible glove of privilege with its impregnable protection against any and all maledictions. 356 more words


seduce life and all desires

live in dreams and destroy fantasies

hold to me, my friends

do not leave my side

I can not do all this living

without you


let us live simple lives

rich with writing and reading

full relationships with good friends

and good wine

each person rich in experience and passionate experience