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A Fleet of Paper Flowers

I once made a fleet of paper flowers,

but they were taken away,

by the colorless wind.


They say opinions are like assholes,

and everyone has own of those. 124 more words


Why Is Making New Friends So Difficult ? - Don Charisma's Opinion

I’m been blessed with some awesome friends. So, the question is obviously rhetorical, advice to me in first person is not appreciated or needed – you’d just be making yourself look stupid really :D… 677 more words

Don Charisma

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True to the core. A friend should indeed be reliable, no matter the circumstances. A friend in need surely is a friend in deed. A remarkable post, Don, thanks for your insights.

It's OK to be Alone, Probably

I think, as a semi-intelligent person who’s also a good-ish listener, that my time isn’t deserved by people who repeatedly take it for granted. A few times is ok because the world doesn’t revolve around me, but there comes a point where I have to put my foot down. 292 more words

All the Rhythms in My Heart

Somewhere between my second year of college and graduation, I effectively switched major friend groups. I didn’t cut out my friends from my previous major friend group. 388 more words


Movember poetry challenge - Day 22

Spare keys

They are to be shared
Casually. For convenience
Of both parties involved.

They are to be shared
Just in case I lose mine, 61 more words


A Message To My Friends

In the summer of 2013, I moved from Toronto, Ontario to Calgary, Alberta, and left my¬†group of four friends. Today, I sat at a Tim Hortons to work on an article for my school blog, but I couldn’t concentrate on the article. 633 more words

Failed attempt at having a lovely Pre-Thanksgiving Meal with Strangers.

Wow. I am a dummy. So as an attempt to become more social, I decided to get more active on Couchsurfing.org and Meetup.com. Basically, I was lurking on different nearby events to see which ones I think would be fun to join because I need new friends. 433 more words