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What up Peeps?!? So, yesterday was the rehearsal dinner for the wedding that I will be in on Saturday. I must admit that I was actually dreading going most of the day, even the moment that I arrived and waited for rehearsal to start. 378 more words

Just a thank you

So earlier today I was talking to a (good) friend of mine. Me and him had a thing some two years ago. Today out of nowhere he says to me “sorry that I treated you like shit and fucked up with you. 198 more words

30 Day Letter Writing Challenge

Internet, Social Network Sites and Well Being

Valkenburg and Peter (2007) argue that the internet reduces the ‘quality of adolescents existing friendships and thereby their well-being’. This argument is based on the displacement hypothesis which states that time spend on a given medium e.g. 268 more words


Stupid Me

I need to stop this.

Feeling shitty and then talking to people hoping they will cheer me up

To stop expecting people to look after me… 46 more words

Friendships (3/23/14)

                 I’ve had so many friends in my lifetime, as I’m sure most people have.  People come and people go.  The question that always seems to pop into my mind is: Who is my BEST friend? 329 more words

Stop Explaining Yourself

Life is too short to spend it around people that don’t understand you. I feel so lucky to have people in my life who love me for who I am. 479 more words

Is It Harder?

Having met my significant other via social media I may have a certain preconception about finding dates online. I have never found anything wrong with engaging in this type of relationship, but many individuals have discussed concern for the new age’s form of communication. 446 more words

Online Dating