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Hey Jemima!

You have absolutely no idea how excited I am to make this little announcement…

My best girl Jemima has joined the wonderful world of WordPress! For those of you who read my Dating Dramas on a regular basis, you will know that Jemima features rather frequently in my tales, usually shaking her head disapprovingly at my antics while also laughing hysterically! 79 more words


29 Lessons Learnt, Single in VanCity

Today I celebrate one year living in downtown Vancouver, Canada after I have moved from Cairo, Egypt right from my parents’ house. I moved here with huge dreams, so many expectations and very few fears. 708 more words


Self Validation

Self Validation

Humans crave validation from other humans, and from ourselves.

Now, some people think that those who overtly seek validation should be dismissed as “shallow” or something, but the bottom line is ALL humans are hard wired to NEED validation. 400 more words


Almost Over

It amazes me how time has flew this summer! Two more weeks of summer programming, believe it or not! This past weekend I had a one day weekend. 213 more words

Weekend Adventures

Welcome to me

To know about my past all you need to know is that I was n’t a very good person, all I was doing was searching for someone to love me. 178 more words

Abolishing the Ally Industrial Complex

I find myself re-reading this for inspiration only because working from within my home community, we have several organizations and members of the “ally” community who wish to help and in some fashion, I interrogate myself and ask, “Are they really?” Take a look at this read by my Dine brother, Klee Benally from the… 142 more words


This Is The End

This is going to be the second most difficult post I’ll ever publish. The first is long gone, and hurt someone very special to me. 522 more words