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What's she doing NOW? :)

Time is ticking away and I am a busy woman!

Our fruit tree grafting is in full swing and so far I have 100% success on the peach trees. 447 more words

Peace Corps Paraguay!

"Friendship" and "feelings" ugh really

I’ve been waging war against myself many times over these past few weeks and it’s getting me a tad uneasy… more on hurt, actually. I keep trying to save things that I think now seem to be falling apart. 916 more words

Your Child's Friendships Are Important

God gives us our relatives, thank God we can choose our friends. ~ Ethel Watts Mumford

Friendships have a powerful impact in your life, health, and well-being.

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Divorce is more than just the loss of a spouse.

At our final court date my ex husband brought his new girlfriend, his sister and his niece. 536 more words



I know it’s not right to say, but…all boys are jerks!

Okay okay, not ALL boys are jerks, but about 99% of the guys I’ve dealt with are pretty jerk-y. 204 more words

Because I'm Happy...

As we travel, move for careers, or simply just place a step outside the door, we encounter individuals from all walks of life. Yesterday, I was speaking to a girlfriend who is trying to get back into the dating scene and meet new people in efforts to expand her social circle after hibernating for a while. 458 more words


Human Nature And Lessons Learnt

People at times can be the Worst.

It’s not because of there little habits or flaws, or *quirks* it’s more so people who can’t put in effort. 224 more words