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I know where I’ve been,
And what I’ve come through.
I also know I deserve better than you, 113 more words

Fall in Line

Before we were friends. Before the kids, the wives and ex-wives. Before the road trips. Before the mortgages. Before sickness and death. Before ties that bound us together for life, we walked the line. (Louisiana State University-Spring 1987)


Huge Mistake

So with in the last few months I had reconnected with an old friend but I have come to realize it was a huge mistake. 105 more words


Friendship And Memories: The Story Of A Transferee [L+A]

L+A stands for Literature and Article, where fiction and articles go together in a single post. Part 1 features the story while Part 2 features the article related to the story. 1,004 more words


broad city, lady friendships, and the general weirdness of young adulthood

Like just about everyone else in their mid-20s who doesn’t live in a hermetically sealed bubble, I often feel like my life is an endless barrage of chaotic weirdness. 796 more words

Pop Culture

Guest Blogger on Forgiveness in Relationships

“Burn That Bridge…But” by LeRon Crowder

Forgiveness. In another installment of “I don’t know why God choosing me to tell Yall this”… Forgiving others for things done with malicious intent towards us is a hard pill to swallow, but we must swallow it! 579 more words


Recasting: When Friendships don't work

The actress in me forces me to regard life as a three act play. In the first, the curtain goes up and we begin to learn our lines. 1,304 more words