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an ode to my delightful friends

So easter has come and gone.

I lay awake late last night thinking about the long weekend and how it was filled with a myriad of fun, laughs, debates and chocolate. 385 more words

you are a great person, but you have a mental problem and it makes you a cunt, to put it bluntly

the darkness 4.22.14

When friends are sad I don’t know why I feel so guilty. I feel like it’s my job to make them feel better. I feel like when they vent to me they expect me to comfort them in some type of way, because to listen doesn’t feel enough. 463 more words

Adventures Of Today

Qoute of the day!

Ever felt like you were the only one putting in effort in a relationship/friendship? Truth be told if someone has interest in you they are going to make the effort to see you, to talk to you or to make sure you are ok. 108 more words


its been a while since I have written here, my mind constantly active, but forget to log my thoughts away here, and then they pass like a ship in the night. 171 more words


On Making New Friends

When you’re a child, meeting new people your own age and forming lifelong friendships is the easiest thing to do. You sit next to somebody in class or during lunch, you realize you both watch the same tv show or enjoy similar types of music, and that’s all you need. 564 more words


Expat Living: Who Are We, After We're Done Being An Expatriate?

It was an innocent comment, in an otherwise unremarkable conversation. But it hit me like a bolt of lightning.

There it was… He had uttered the “R” word. 1,083 more words

Expat Life Lessons