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So you've been friendzoned...

Tan ta dah! (drumroll please) and  I’m  back!

Today I decided to write about something a little different. This will not be a poem or a short story, but a piece done to educate my brothers. 976 more words

The "Bonding" Experience

We ended up at a mall near her place. Nagpasama ako sa kanya bumili ulit ng school stuff, one of my many excuses to spend time with her alone. 94 more words

Histoire d'Amour (a painfully awkward love story)

Have you ever had a conversation take a drastic, sudden turn and find yourself actually scratching your head wondering how in the world you got to that point? 434 more words

Nothing Has Changed

After a day, everything went back to normal.

Today you asked me,

“Eh kasiiii. Bat mo kasi ako minahaaaal”

And I came up with nothing. I mean, you could never pinpoint a single reason why you love someone. 19 more words

A query to the gentlemen.

Well here it goes.

There is this guy that I like. I think we can hit it off. He talks about his dreams and desires with me… He said I am cool. 124 more words


My bad.

I sit and listen to your lecture. Its not fair of me to “lead you on” to “give you the wrong impression”
How silly of me. 86 more words


#Friendzoned so everyone is a lamp now
I am not going to call and text no one anymore so if we speak or text it will be by the other persons initiative.