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I finally want to finish the part where I explain what happened in the past so I will now write everything what happened after the pictures he sent me , so I can start writing about the present  :) 865 more words


I'm attached

This week has been filled with stressed; from late shifts at work, ATAR results and boys. Silly boys shouldn’t be in my worries right now but how can one person fuck up your emotions? 544 more words

The Undecisive One.

This one was a pain in the ass.

But I still can’t help having a soft spot for him.

We met on an international chat room. 582 more words

Wrong thoughts :/


After I decided to forget about everything that just happened, I went to my friend , her boyfriend and the friend of her boyfriend. 200 more words


[348] cake

This is a note to—
Tell you (gently) that you’ve been
Card-zoned for Christmas.

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More about my life

Hey guys :)

Let’s keep going telling you a little bit more 😊

I have a really good friend and we are friends since 4 years. 398 more words


Blank Space

As a girl who grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, I have lived a very normal life. My parents are well off, but we are nothing to brag about. 882 more words

Don't Judge Me