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to the one whom I thought I can save from breaking

Dear love,

I’d seen him in the shape of love but unlucky me, it wasn’t me. He never dare to choose me.

I don’t want anyone to know or rather told him about this but liking him is my choice which I consider as a real secret until for as long as I can handle things keeping secrets with him and for everyone. 1,236 more words


Life as it is...

“We could be more than friends…..” Those were her last words as she walked out of my apartment. It has been 8 days and she has not picked my calls, replied any of my texts or emails. 172 more words

Dating Friends

I’m not a dating expert, but I find myself always dating my friends. My boyfriend from highschool started out as some guy in my science class that we both shared a mutual interests. 192 more words

Friendzoned and benefits

So I was friendzoned. Or maybe I wasn’t, because the definition of friendzone implies that the friendzonEE wanted to date the friendzonER in the first place.. 191 more words



Love. A word/feeling that is so powerful it can brighten or ruin your day. Once it striked you it’s FUCKING CRAZY.

Cycle is like this: 490 more words


I’ve had to do a lot of thinking lately or over thinking becomes second nature as soon as the word ‘friendzone’ slips into a conversation. ‘FRIENDZONE’ being in a zone/situation of friendship, being just friends basically. 710 more words

Your Ignorance creates your loneliness.

It’s not that complicated to understand. Really!

There is a lot of people complaining lately, about being “friend zoned” This is when a woman meets a man becomes friends with him and she zones him to being only that. 395 more words