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Anchors Away

Perspective is a difficult thing. If we’re tethered to a particular perspective by emotions, it’s almost impossible to see things with an unbiased eye. We can perhaps empathize, yes, but sometimes our own perspective, our own experiences, can anchor us to a skewed perspective. 554 more words


Facebook Adjustment

I’ve been contemplating for a while on deleting a large number of facebook friends… before you think it’s just because I want to be like those who do the ‘culls’, hear me out…

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B is for Breakfast, Besties and Babies

To those of you that read my last, mildly delerious post, I thought I’d make a quick apology- I can’t even begin to explain that one to you. 948 more words


Hello and goodbyes.

Today was a gorgeous day in terms of the weather and the company. We went to the Fressgass in town for a farewell-do for one of the expat ladies I had the good fortune of meeting. 348 more words


Where is the good in goodbye?

Everyone has a weakness. Superman has his kryptonite, I have my goodbyes.
I’ve been thinking an awful lot about goodbyes this year. There are many different types, but somehow all of them terrify me. 1,125 more words


What Do You Do When You Realize You're In The Friendzone?

I think the only reason the term “platonic love” exists is because Plato got friendzoned 2500 years ago.

“She just wants to be friends”, said Plato… 452 more words

To love what you do. To do what you love

I rush along my bathroom time and breakfast in the mornings whilst packing lunch and making sure to get all my things in the bag. Mornings have been hectic for some time now. 999 more words

Memoirs Of The Hill : Tufts Glam