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What Do You Do When You Realize You're In The Friendzone?

I think the only reason the term “platonic love” exists is because Plato got friendzoned 2500 years ago.

“She just wants to be friends”, said Plato… 452 more words

To love what you do. To do what you love

I rush along my bathroom time and breakfast in the mornings whilst packing lunch and making sure to get all my things in the bag. Mornings have been hectic for some time now. 999 more words

Memoirs Of The Hill : Tufts Glam

Making Room (a lesson from my brothers)

I have men in my life who are like brothers and they are special to me. Between us there’s this honest — almost brutal sometimes — conversation, question, assessment, and understanding. 812 more words

Queen Life Musings

Working hard, or hardly working

So i have officially and successfully completed 5 semesters at university, and i have 3 more to go, they say it will go by so fast that we will blink and we’ll find ourselves at graduation. 971 more words

The Real Introductory Post: Reflecting on People

I have been thinking about the people in my life recently– both those that have left and those who are still actively part of it. I had this moment, driving in my car to work, where I felt absurdly happy.  579 more words

best friend's new friend

my best friend has been my best friend since middle school. we have been friends for 22 years. that is a hell of a long time. 471 more words


An introduction to me and this blog!

Hey there,

If you’re reading this it means you have somehow stumbled upon my corner in the web (yay) and so to start off this journey I’m just going to give you a little introduction on myself. 455 more words