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Yule Preparations

Final grades were due Monday. I usually try to get that all done by Friday of finals week, but this time I had to spend a few hours at the library on Monday grading some late assignments, calculating grades, and entering them into the computer system. 2,028 more words


Mistletoe: Magick and History


Mistletoe is not native to North America but is a species native to Great Britain and parts of Europe.  Once considered a pest, mistletoe is a parasitic plant meaning it attaches itself to a host plant or a tree.   261 more words

Friday reveals itself

I’ve done it.  I think.  I’ve finally figured out Fridays.  The clue was in the exploration of the name last week. Venus or Frigg day, day of appreciating art and beauty. 407 more words

Spiritual Work


FRiGG is published online twice a year (spring and fall). They accept submissions year-round through Submittable. Submit here.

Each writer whose work is accepted for publication receives $50. 19 more words

Literary Journals

In Gemini there is wisdom

Ah its that Friday feeling again. Every other day I write and it flows, except Friday. What is it about this day!

So let’s see. Friday, the day of the Norse God Frigg, equated to Venus (vendredi, viernes both derived from the Roman Goddess). 226 more words

Spiritual Work