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Epic fails navideños

Que porqué llevo tanto tiempo sin publicar? Muy fácil: porque me he dado a la repostería navideña. Y es bien sabido que no tengo mano para esto. 680 more words

Al Horno

Taco Bell Might Be Trying That Whole "Chips As A Taco Shell" Thing Again, This Time With Fritos

As the saying goes, when at first you succeed at feeding people taco fillings inside a shell made from a popular brand of chips, try it again and see if you can get more people to buy your food. 190 more words

The Privilege of Watching a Flower Bloom

The process of adopting Maya was a comedy of errors. It was a “How Not To”, film waiting to be shot. We were one of the first adoptions after Montenegro split from Serbia – and it was complicated to say the least. 871 more words

The Mixed Bag That is No. 7 Sub

Inspired food combinations are rarely found under the dim fluorescent lighting of a college food court. But, one night after a few Pepsi’s and Jack, I asked the person behind the sandwich counter to take some chips, crunch them up, and put them in my tuna sub. 753 more words


It's Not a Heart Attack... It's Delivery

Sure… it’s old fucking news, but the Frito Chili Pizza from Papa John’s looks fucking delicious. Who knew that Frito Pizzas were from the fucking depression?! 14 more words

Fucking Food

Video - DCC Doritos/Cheetos/Fritos Commercial

The DCC have made many television appearances and I stumbled across this old Doritos commercial featuring “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.”  There is another version featuring some of the real squad members, but this one is pretty cute. 6 more words

America's Sweethearts


So, I would just like to say for the record that I’ve been doing really well with my end-of-the-year resolution.  I have not been binge eating (except for Saturday night at my friend’s kid’s 3 year old birthday party).   969 more words

Binge Eating