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Spione (1928): DVD/Blu-ray review

Spies are cool.  Spy films are really cool. Spione, Fritz Lang’s epic high-octane espionage thriller from 1928, is exceedingly cool. This a sexy, dreamlike movie, heavy on the action and light on logic, which both anticipates and outpaces such noir favourites as… 666 more words

Silent Film

Movie Quote of the Day - While The City Sleeps, 1956 (dir. Fritz Lang)

Ed Mobely: You know, you have very nice legs.
Nancy Liggett: Aren’t you sweet.
Ed Mobely: Nice nylon stockings too. What holds your stockings up?

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Movie Quote Of The Day

Cosmic Voyage

∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗ (7/10)

In a nutshell: Kosmichesky Reys: Fantasticheskaya Novella is a stunning, costly Soviet moon landing adventure from 1935, inspired by Fritz Lang’s 1929 film Woman in the Moon. 3,978 more words


The Testament of Dr. Mabuse

"He was a renowned doctor with a large private
practice. Aided by an almost superhuman logic, he
used his profound knowledge of hypnosis to commit
crimes of a magnitude previously deemed impossible."
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The Mistress of Atlantis (1932) - [Public Domain Movies]

AKA The Lost Atlantis. Two soldiers searching the Sahara for Atlantis are captured by raiders from the lost city. They are taken before its beautiful queen who has over 50 mummified ex-lovers.

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MAN HUNT (1941)

Director of Photography: Arthur C. Miller

Director: Fritz Lang

Perfect Shots


Throughout history, there has always been a large gap between the top echelon of society and those at the bottom dregs. Literature and cinema have done a great job of showcasing this both by comparison to utopian societies as well as by showing it against a dystopian society. 954 more words