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Woman in the Moon

∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗ (9/10)

In a nutshell: This is one of film giant Fritz Lang’s sillier movies, about a party going to the moon in 1929 looking for gold. 3,737 more words

Conquest Of Space

Senior Thesis Part 5: Metropolis (1927)

Discharged from his position as an infantryman during World War I in 1916, Lang worked as a scenarist for Otto Rippert, whose generated crowd and horrific laboratory inspired many of his films. 1,306 more words


68. M (1931)

The criminal mind has been a major topic of fiction in the last several hundred years, with each culture putting forth some phenomenal work in order to make sense of something that can seem completely illogical or destructive. 759 more words


Director of Photography: Henry Sharp

Director: Fritz Lang

Perfect Shots

Sound in M

When I began watching Fritz Lang’s M for notes of horror and noir, I was looking largely at the use of mise-en-scène. But once I reached this scene, I realized the true horror inspiration is in the audio. 245 more words

Media Post

How to become an expert at Silent Cinema...

Film school has become quite a hassle these days. First off, you have to pay for it, and then you probably have to attend stuff or something. 1,686 more words


About Soderbergh's Black-and-White Raiders Edit

Raiders of the Lost Ark is my favorite film.  Ever.  More than just 80s nostalgia to me.

I finally watched a good-sized chunk of the… 343 more words

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