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Film Noir

Here are some film noir from my personal collection. The genre of film noir is a great way for someone to be introduced to black and white films. 24 more words


Ministry of Fear

“Marked for death! Because he knew the world’s most dangerous secret” 1,021 more words


Film: The Boston Strangler (1968)

This is the true story of Albert Desalvo, the self-confessed Boston Strangler. The characters and incidents you are about to see are based on fact.

133 more words

Lana's Noir

I paint my nails black…

JavaScript required to play I paint my nails black….

Girl, long straight hair, long straight legs, long straight jeans, crooked teeth. 558 more words

New York

Balenciaga's Game

Long before The Big Lebowski, Jeff Bridges was a computer hacker in Tron, that fell into one of his own computer games.

Today, the movie’s effects may be unthinkable, but in 1982 it was one of the first films that combined computer animation and live action, and it drove people crazy. 378 more words

On Thinking With the Heart, Not The Head

There’s a new meme for Dean Ambrose: a sudden change from the lunatic brawler, which he was just too much of a heartthrob to really sell. 532 more words

Orlac's Hände (1924)

Some people will go at any length trying to “defend” someone they like from imaginary (or not so imaginary) attackers. After all, what is there to do if not to defend a long-dead moviemaker from today’s bad press? 762 more words

German Movies