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Science-Based Medicine Blog Sued: Another attempt to use the law to squelch criticism

Many of you are aware that I’m a contributor to the Science-Based Medicine blog. Today the founder and executive editor of SBM, Steven Novella, has announced that he and the SBM blog are being sued for writing about… 515 more words


The Privilege that Can Never Be Waived

Here’s a hypothetical scenario: Let’s assume that Murtagh engages in misconduct and begins losing a $1.6 million settlement because of it. He then tangles with a private investigator and decides to open a parachute of sorts by framing the P.I. 419 more words

James Murtagh

When is a Lawsuit Frivolous?

According to Murtagh’s soon-to-be-filed amended complaint, Baker misappropriated his likeness for commercial purposes by including this photograph at the right, at jamesmurtaghmd.com:

Apparently, has used name and likeness as reflected on jamesmurtaghmd.com to draw traffic to his other websites (including OMSJ.org and CWBPI.com), in order to raise funds, solicit business opportunities, and promote his own personal agenda.

442 more words
James Murtagh

A Prison Inmate Has Sued WWE's Natalya For Allegedly Making Him Her Sex Slave

This is literally the happiest Natalya has ever looked. Just sayin’. 

No, a sentient SEO robot didn’t generate that headline — this is a real thing that actually happened. 176 more words


This Sleepy Baseball Fan Is Suing The MLB And ESPN Over Hurt Feelings

Back on April 13, the New York Yankees defeated the Boston Red Sox 3-2 in a somewhat exciting game that aired on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball. 359 more words


Somebody's Gonna Pay for This Hangnail and it Ain't Gonna be Me!

Each week I pause from my usual writing and take time to pen a blog. It’s a nice respite and gives me a chance to vent in a humorous way. 512 more words

Lynn Steigleder