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A Woman Is Suing Walmart Over A Dandruff Shampoo That Allegedly Ruined Her Butt-Length Hair

A Portland Oregon woman, Jennifer Fahey, is suing both Walmart and the maker of “Equate Everyday Clean Dandruff Shampoo” for $10,000 after she claims that the shampoo ruined her super long hair which she had been cultivating since childhood. 263 more words

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March 26, 2014 South Carolina Supreme Court published opinions

Stevens Aviation, Inc. v DynCorp International, LLC

Stevens sued DynCorp arguing their contract required DynCorp to use Stevens exclusively for maintenance work on military planes. The circuit court granted summary judgment on that issue to Stevens. 394 more words

Meet The Parents - Mr. and Mrs. Public Enemy

Perhaps you’ve heard about the New Jersey girl who is attempting to sue her parents for her current private school tuition then college costs and legal expenses.  1,287 more words

If You Can't Earn It, Just Sue

Amy Holmes tells us about more than a few frivolous lawsuits clogging the courts in this edition of “The HotList” on The Blaze Network. Among the most outlandish is a case in California where a man is suing McDonald’s because he only received one napkin with his quarter-pounder deluxe. 16 more words


Rachel Canning

Stop the madness! Rachel Canning is suing her parents to pay her education costs even though she has attained age 18 and after she opted to move out of their house rather than live by their rules under their roof. 69 more words

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