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Would You Care For Some Chili With Your PB?

It’s another cold and rainy day in Thurston County; not exactly the kind of day that inspires a person to get out and do much. It’s more or less the perfect day to stay inside where its warm and watch a movie or read a good book, avoiding the dreary weather. 575 more words

A Dreamy Day In Tacoma

It’s Tuesday and Zelda was on the hunt for a delicious cup of Peanut Butter. Monday’s adventure was a little on the disappointing side and didn’t really satisfy my craving, so today I was out for sweet redemption. 628 more words

An Unusual Birthday Weekend Lineup For Zelda


The birthday weekend continues! After such a delicious lineup at the University location of Yogurtland, I was determined to keep up the momentum and return to Yogurtland for today’s adventure. 850 more words

Not The Five Stars I Was Hoping For

Tuesday’s adventure led me to a familiar spot in Thurston County. It’s been four months since Twisties has had my favorite flavor, Peanut Butter. When I found out that it returned to the lineup yesterday, I was certainly excited and knew I’d have to stop by right away. 739 more words

Perfect Except For One Thing...

For the third straight week Thursday’s adventure did not find Zelda making the drive to Seattle, which in turn meant no visit to the land of yogurt. 728 more words

The Very Hungry Caterpillar That Ate Melbourne

Date: 8 October

Location: Doing something I've always secretly wanted to do — auditioning for a game show. (I feel pub trivia experience, paired with lawyer brain and Sephora Luster Matte in Mulberry makes me a dangerous potential contestant. 887 more words