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The sick AMOFC: TBT + TGIF again

As I stated in my previous TBT+TGIF post: nothing is better than these two combined. Except a threesome with Dean and Sam from Supernatural.

OK, I’ve been better these days but still a captive in my own home due to the nasty flu, and I’m dying of boredom because no one wants to come and see me out of pure fear that I’ll get them sick as well. 511 more words


The sick AMOFC edition: Tuesday Oct 21st/Wednesday Oct 22nd

OK, it’s official. I’m sick. And I say this now because in the last few days I haven’t been able to stand up from the bed, except for when I went to the restroom, with The Man’s help, of course. 391 more words


AMOFC: Monday, October 20th + DIY dress

I’m running late on schedule but I’ll let you know why in the next post.

So it was a sunny Monday, but still – Monday. 408 more words


AMOFC: The weekend of October 18/19th

So, the second two-parter is about my weekend. As I mentioned, bro was in town and I just had to have a little reunion with my two favourite boys, the bro and the cousin. 482 more words


'What can be better that TBT & TGIF?' AMOFC two-parter!

First, lemme explain: AMOFC = A Month Of Frocks Challenge. I’m sick of typing it every day and if I had to type the whole lot of it once again it would push me over the edge. 480 more words


Frock Friday 17/31 #Frocktober

Happy Frock Friday!

I was heading to Fiji for my sister’s wedding, and I had 3 hours to kill at Sydney Airport. I wandered into the French Connection shop and found this frock. 105 more words