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Frogs, generally recognised as exceptional jumpers, can be found in water, on land or in trees, depending on the species. Frogs and toads are among the most versatile and diverse groups of amphibians. 351 more words


The Frog And The Tower

The Race

There once was a bunch of tiny frogs who arranged a running competition, (you know how frogs do!)  The goal was to reach the… 243 more words


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Reading this story from another follower of mine, which reminded me of the same one I always tell to my drug offenders during my group counselling session with them.

I thought that the moral of the story should be this: To be selectively deaf and actively seeking to excel no matter what the circumstance is!

5 Things I Miss About (la) France

Well, well, who would’ve thought it? Now I am back from France… there seems to be a strange pull tugging at my heartstrings. Very strange indeed. 902 more words

What We 'hmmmm' About

2. / 3. The frog and my garden


Last night as I was watering, I noticed my little frog friend had returned to visit. He likes to hide under the metal tub I am growing tomatoes in.  26 more words

Photo Journal

Elephant Gym with Frog

Taiwanese math-rockers Elephant Gym have just released another vid. They sure got chemistry, don’t they?

Taiwan Indie

Ever heard of a Frog Spa?

This smart creature knows where to stay cool in the heat of the day, semi-dipped in clean, untreated rain water while getting shaded from mid-day sun… 28 more words

Pets And Pests