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Know thyself (and how thine online freelancing shouldst work)

Good afternoon, my dear readers!

It’s been a pretty crazy time in the Great White North. I landed two big gigs and find myself editing one novel and ghostwriting another. 573 more words


Writer seeks new approach to working

I’ve been thinking of taking my work on the road – someplace where I can actually have an office away from home, something more energized, no, not the pink energized bunny in the battery commercials. 633 more words


Farmers Don't Live The Simple Life, It's Everyone Else

Today I heard someone say how much they admire how farmers see the world. Then they mentioned how farmers live the simple life. That is where I think they got it wrong, they are the one living the simple life. 515 more words


Not Going As Far As To Marry My Phone...But Adults, Divorce Is On My Mind

I’ve been thinking of spending more time with my phone and divorcing the adults in my life. Mind you, my relationship with my phone Galaxy is and will remain strictly plutonic. 678 more words