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Demon’s Souls é...

Antes de mais nada, é bom deixar claro que Demon’s Souls é…

Ok, vamos de novo.

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Dark Souls II by From Software

A world locked in an endless cycle of decay. Sleek, gothic architecture. Imposing black angles and rain slicked stone. Or slimy, blighted lands, every bootstep a sickening squick, squoosh. 565 more words


Boss battles: Asylum Demon

Gaming has evolved over the years, with trends and fads coming and going. But whether it’s a side scrolling shooter, epic platform adventure, mammoth RPG or driving challenge there has forever been one constant: the Boss Battle. 837 more words


Dark Souls II

Having recently completed Dark Souls II with my wife, my feelings on the game are mainly positive with undercurrents of doubt.  Dark Souls II has all the flavor of a Dark Souls, but I can’t shake the feeling that there’s been a bit of the experience from the firsts game that’s missing from the sequel.   611 more words


What Happened To Tenchu?

Does anyone remember Tenchu? Does anyone remember sneaking up behind unsuspected enemies and slitting their throat a ninja and quickly hiding their bodies so their friends wouldn’t find them? 473 more words

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Dark Souls 2

When Demons’ Souls and Dark Souls hit the market, they were a unique breath of fresh air that had been long been missing from video games. 1,587 more words

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Review: Dark Souls 2

With Dark Souls 2, From Software continues it’s new series of games with a decent, but passionate following. Maybe most known for the long running, … 2,380 more words