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Steam's New Face: Pruning Through The Daily Que

Since Steam’s discoverability update went live I’ve logged in at least once a day if for no other reason than to go through the daily queue of games it presents each logged-in user. 500 more words


A Journey Through Demon's Souls at SL1 - Part 2

* Note: Spoilers ahead regarding some of the characters, locations, enemies, and events of Demon’s Souls.

* Part 1 of this 2-part article can be found… 3,337 more words


Dark Souls II - A Review

Having played the original Dark Souls and being able to finished it so many times, I was feeling more confident taking on the new challenges of Dark Souls II. 1,022 more words


Dark Souls: How Video Games Taught Me Patience and Other Useful Skills.

Everyone could learn a thing or two from gaming. The worlds are rich, the characters are endearing, and the stories are engrossing. But a game defines itself of course, with gameplay. 484 more words


Bloodborne (Hands-On Preview)

Chances are, you’re either a big fan of the Dark Souls series or you just can’t be doing with their brand of no-nonsense difficulty and downright unresponsive controls. 172 more words


This Honest Trailer Is The Only Thing About 'Dark Souls' We Don't Want To Rage-Quit

Are you sick of AAA games that hold your hand and make things easy? Then you might like — or just develop Stockholm Syndrome for — … 164 more words


Hands on: Bloodborne is relentlessly difficult and challenging

Bloodborne is relentlessly difficult and never really tells you how to play it, but that’s what fans of From Software expect from the spiritual successor to the ultra-difficult… 861 more words

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