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Restart Old Video Games

With All the new games coming out and people trying to make money, or generate hype for their company how come no one is bringing back out games? 771 more words


Dark Souls 2 DLC tomorrow and a patch today

Dark Souls 2 will release the first piece of DLC for the game, Crown of the Sunken King. Developer From Software took this chance to address long-standing bugs, squash speed-running short cuts and nerf some grief tactics used by some invaders.


Here's How They Should Reboot the Tenchu Series

Playing the 1998 PlayStation game Tenchu: Stealth Assassins for a Let’s Play recently got me thinking about how badly I’d like to see that franchise make a comeback.

Metal Gear Solid

Bloodborne- What we know so far

It’s been a long time since a videogame fascinated me before its release on the market. And it’s widely known that, we Europeans are accustomed to being passionate about unreleased video games that are worthwhile. 629 more words


The Struggle: Why I love the "Souls" series.

I was introduced to the “Souls” series by a Demon’s Souls youtube video from the Two Best Friends Play. It certainly looked different, but it wasn’t until… 523 more words

The Unpopulated World: The Forest of Fallen Giants

Things Betwixt initially took about an hour to do the full fifteen runs that exterminated the tutorial enemies. The Forest of Fallen Giants? About seven hours. 1,448 more words

Dark Souls 2

Episode 20 - Addiction vs Dark Souls 2


Episode 20 – Addiction vs Dark Souls 2

One studio opens, another finds a beginning. Alphas and Betas get updates while Dave and Jaime talk more about their more recent Dark Souls 2 addiction. 22 more words