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Children wounded by war in Afghanistan

Yesterday I asked my Afghan surgeon colleague why most children’s wounds are to the head. The answer was dreadful but true; “Lorenzo, try to imagine; if an adult shoots mid-height with a Kalashnikov, he’ll probably hit the stomach of another adult or the head of a child.” Flawless logic, if it weren’t for the fact that someone who shoots mid-height aims to kill, regardless. 53 more words

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Can we bring Red-backed Shrikes to breed in restored quarries?

The ENCI quarry in Maastricht, the Netherlands, is soon to be closed and a large area of Mount St. Peter and Jekerdal will be given back to nature. 386 more words


Why I fasted for Ramadan

Religion is an intrinsic part of life and culture here in Morocco. It permeates through language down to the structure of daily life, to family and community, and in the inclusion of studying the Quran in schools. 859 more words

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on the rain

in school history books, and cheesy movies, you learned about those ancient (and not so ancient) civilizations whose agricultural practices made them dependent upon fickle precipitation, and even more fickle gods. 208 more words


Build Trust and Credibility with those Affected by Crisis

When you collaborate with other individuals or organizations to mitigate large, complex or ongoing crises, an important component of your communication is community involvement. Among the many facts that need to be disseminated to affected stakeholders during and after any crisis are the risks involved and how an incident management team is handling them. 848 more words

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Life On Board - Work

After three and a bit weeks at sea, and with all the major instrumentation problems sorted out, we have settled into a daily routine. The first thing I do every morning is go straight to our container to make a quick check of all the instruments and make sure they’re all still working happily; I usually start a backup of all the previous day’s data. 474 more words

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Summer at the Kabul Surgical Center

Summer has finally arrived in the last few days. The roses are blooming in our garden, and the EMERGENCY Surgical Center in Kabul, Afghanistan is looking spectacular. 114 more words

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