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Time passes,

memories linger,

just enough

to tease.

Happiness hides,

afraid to appear,

brief smiles

then retreat.

Broken heart,

broken life,

broken dreams;

never the same. 22 more words



During Lent there has been a roughly made cross, draped with a purple cloth, at the front of the church. In front of it is a table and each week during Lent an item has been added to the simple display – an apple, a jug of water, and last week a wreath of thorns, a whip and a purple robe. 182 more words


how deeply i still love you, husband (poem)

after all these years,
you would think
that i’ve stopped thinking
that i’ve stopped wondering
that i’ve stopped wanting to know
about you

but then Staind begins to play… 334 more words


Changing a Mindset

I’m often baffled by the young people I work with.  Specifically the young women.  I see beauty and grace and talent . . . you get the idea.   256 more words

From The Heart

Letting Go

I watched you pull away.

Tears fell from my eyes

and my heart.

I know I have to let you go,

spread your wings and fly… 130 more words


Miracles Do Happen - Part Two

Continued from Part One. If you have not read part one or want a refresher, please click on the link below.


“Quite remarkably, within a few days things started to change” 1,090 more words

From The Heart

Whispering in the shadows....

Beauty deprived of its proper foils and adjuncts ceases to be enjoyed as beauty, just as light deprived of all shadows ceases to be enjoyed as light” 1,129 more words

From The Heart