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Disconnect and you shall set yourself free.

Off late, I often get this urge of throwing my cell phone away. Once considered a luxury, the present day symbol of status, in my opinion, is the cause of all our problems today. 683 more words


Wednesday Hodgepodge

Happy fall Y’All! Thanks for stopping by and thanks to Joyce for keeping us going! If you would like to join, click on the button below, it’s a friendly group! 875 more words

Family Life

life is an hourglass

October 1, 2014 contemplation:

“Life is an hourglass.
We’re all counting-down.”

This is the first day of our birth month, Mommy. The Oct 17th was supposed to be your 59th birthday. 14 more words

In English

In the Waiting Part

I‘m sitting here today with Emma and we are working on all of our subjects in home school. I’m fighting the urge to really allow myself to feel discouraged. 274 more words

From The Heart

” You can’t put new wine into old wine skins..  {Mathew 9:17}

    What happens when you take old habits, attitudes, beliefs  into a  new with Christ. 

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From The Heart

Yap today i was up by 4.42 a.m ,tongues up in the air,guilt free because his mercy are new every day.I have been wanting to grow spiritualy on the platform of grace so i spent beside what i do,reading the word stuffing my inner and when i sinned?i just confessed im the righteousnes of God in christ jesus.As we behold the glory of the lord 2corinthians 3.18 we are continually being changed.religion will drown you,you will hate God ,you will serve as a duty,a performance.Sad many christians are here.Serving God expecting a blessing not out of a cheerfull heart.Many talk of the desires of their heart as evil because they serve under the written code of stone not the living lord jesusGod.beloved it doesnt matter your job title,education ,if jesus hasnt shed his light on your heart you wont see him.a lantern’s

Radical Grace


Thank you all so much for your sweet comments in yesterdays post! Prayers and encouragement from friends and loved ones are a kiss on the cheek from a really good God and have meant a great deal to me. 161 more words

Our Boy