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Just because

Just because your heart shattered,
Doesn’t mean your body should be tortured.

Let the pain in the heart stays there,
Don’t let its thorns pricked you anywhere. 33 more words

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Simply you

It’s simply you,
The guy I have chosen.
The man my dreams have printed.

It’s simply you,
The best friend my heart have laid on. 88 more words

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She will repeat this moment many times in life.

No matter how tightly she will cling to those chains for support, her fingers will cramp and weaken. 175 more words

From The Heart

For The Age of The Days

A poem for the age of the days

Elevated risk
Distrust and regret
Planning for planners
Panning for niche

All we want is gold
When all is repeated… 196 more words


Waiting On You

I still hope for you
I still wait for you
Knowing full well it’s illogical
A wise man taught me dil-logical

You hurt yourself
Lie to yourself… 95 more words


First step ... Learn

A new desire awakened

Among the thorns of confusion

I wish to slice my heart open

And welcome you within

Bathe you in my memories… 80 more words

From The Heart

Sleep Well

Sleep well, restless souls.

Bind your hearts, let your destinies entwined.

Tomorrow is a whole different day.

Don’t hold your breath, just enjoy the sun ray.

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