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How Selective are You-Social Media

Do you just follow anyone? or are you selective and do a bit of research first?

One hears so much about abuse through social media and I am wondering why. 311 more words

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Check Out the Writing and Needlework Pages

At last I have started to fill out my blog pages. I have now added some text to the writing pages and there is a short story and a poem so far. 52 more words

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Hitting a Bump in the Road!

My father always said ‘strive on you have all eternity to rest’. It was his favourite saying and he meant every word. I don’t know where it came from but as he was an actor it was probably from a play he did, I don’t think it was Shakespeare but would be interested to know if anyone can enlighten me. 243 more words

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Is Networking Cost Effective?

I have many friends who do a lot of Networking. I have never subscribed to it although have attended the occasional meeting. My personal view is that its a nice diversion from slogging away in the office but does it actually yield enough business to cover the cost of membership, hours not working and the cost of travelling there and back. 290 more words

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New Gizmo for my Needlework

I always get excited when I have a new gadget. Today I received in the post something to help me frame my embroidery. I love stitching but can’t afford the exorbitant cost of framing. 162 more words

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Time, Garden and My Week.

Here we are at the weekend again, where does time go? I am sure like me you can remember how time dragged at school and we were always told that as you get older everything speeds up, did we believe it? 453 more words

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New Exchange Partner Highlight!

We are proud to offer a new Exchange Partner to future Towson study abroad students:

ESC Rennes School of Business!

This is an exciting new option for those seeking to travel to France! 106 more words

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