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Young Blood: Her name is Jennifer

It’s a shame that it took reports of an American Marine suspected of killing a transgender Filipino for us to be particular with how the media tackle transgender issues and, by extension, LGBT issues. 905 more words


LmnO Music Monday #MM : Your Mother Has Cakes

In this hilarious musical selection, Anyi Malik describes the booty on a cougar Milf to her youngish offspring.

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Don’t ask me why it’s called that. May be because it’s shaped that way. I don’t know. But that’s what it was called. 326 more words

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Thank You, Dude Right There- Album Track Listing

Anyi Malik – Thank You Dude Right There (#TYDRT runtime: 32:06)
Track Listing:
1. Introducing Anyi Malik
2. Instagram ANYIMALIK
3. Black Handshake / Put ‘Er There… 54 more words

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Friend Meme Friday #FMF with @IGotKyleYo

I barely have Sample Sundays off the ground. How can I start a new thing, you ask? Well, I look at my friends’ photos all damn day! 44 more words

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LmnO @ "These Hoes Ain't Lawyers"

I saw a 3 year old singing that Chris Brown song, but saying “These hoes ain’t lawyers.” His father’s response had me Rollin!

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