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Talking Europe - Blaming the Media for Europe's Crisis

In an unexpected radio talk on France Inter, the French public radio, several journalists, experts and two MEPs tackled the theme of time allocated in French media on the questions of European affairs. 1,138 more words

European Politics

The dangers of disinterest in the big three parties

Political parties are haemorrhaging supporters. This is unsurprising; ask most people on the street what they think of politicians and you will get a uniform response, one which isn’t positive. 471 more words

Quel avenir pour la France dans un contexte politico-économique qui ne cesse de s’aggraver ?

Les présidentielles de 2017 approchent peu à peu. Dans deux ans, les campagnes des candidats à la primaire des différents partis politiques auront bel et bien commencé. 2,076 more words

Alexis Bley

Il y a des cons partout

Une femme s’occupe seule d’un hôtel dans le sud de la France. Aux prochaines élections présidentielles, elle votera pour Marine le Pen. Impossible d’évoquer la perspective de voter socialiste à nouveau avec elle. 1,042 more words


Seul Satan craint vraiment les djihadistes

Depuis une dizaine d’année, les questions relatives à la religion se posent de plus en plus souvent à la société française.

Sarko contre le voile… 297 more words


An Economic Gateway Drug

The United States of America is a wonderful country to live in. Contrary to the laments of most of my conservative and libertarian friends, this country is still among the most free and opportunity-friendly places on Earth. 1,610 more words

Teaser: the Front National beyond the economic crisis?

A very short teaser for whatever I will write on this blog about France after this spring’s European elections. This piece in Slate.fr touches a very interesting and important point: the rise of the FN is not only the result of the economic crisis but the result of a wider crisis of collective self-definition, culture, identity. 494 more words