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Coffee Lovers <3

An essential part of my morning consists of a little 10 minute routine that results in the perfect cappuccino, latte or iced-latte… so for those who love delicious coffee or even just fabulous foam, I’m giving you a heads up that this little collection of items (see photo above), if given a chance, will become your new best friend. 173 more words

Chai Latte


june 26.

ok. maybe go into your dockers office and be like,

ok doc, GIVE ME THE STRONGEST THING YOU HAVE. I can barely work, i am about to lose my job because i am always flipping out all the time, give me something to calm me down that’s very strong, and also something to make me happy, and make it HELLA STRONG because I am VERY unhappy. 1,038 more words


Stay drunk let frivolity
froth and meaning
as heavy as meaning languish
in insipid aftermath, un-drunk and leftover
who cares!

In this glass
what levitates lifts… 13 more words

"Scientists Froth on Surf Stoke"

A recent article on the surf website, The Inertia, talks about the the science behind “frothing” and “being stoked.” Research shows that surfing elevates our levels of dopamine and adrenaline, and sea spray from crashing waves releases negatively charged ions into the air…all of which makes us feel great! 693 more words