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The SSE Composite Index (?)

I don’t usually post about business because I understand it very little and like it even less, but events on the other side of the world merit a brief mention (also I can’t think of anything truly worthwhile to write about today). 331 more words


Coffee roulette

I watched an episode of modern life is good…ish a while back where David Gorman showed us in a nutshell graphs of how coffee and tea have evolved from tea being good quality and cheap to bad quality and expensive because coffee was bad quality and cheap turned good quality and expensive. 808 more words


Review: Kopiko Kopiccino

Last week, I did a review on Nescafe’s Cappuccino and now, I’ll be doing a review on Kopiko’s Kopiccino.

When I was told that there is another brand that is offering Cappuccino coffee plus Choco sprinkles, I got so excited that I immediately asked my helper to buy one for me at a convenience store. 249 more words


Life is mostly froth and bubble

“Life is mostly froth and bubble,

two things stand like stone,

kindness in another’s trouble,

Courage in your own.

-Adam Lindsay Gordon

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Acid Head

“How do you accidentally drink battery acid?!”   — David Gonzalez

Yes…I ate battery acid today.

No…it was not intentional.

I might, under other circumstances, not write about my adventures earlier today but have decided  too in response to…well…mostly in response to this: 425 more words



Aaaah Saturday morning. The weekend is new and ripe with promise. Perhaps I’ll check in on the social networks to see what my chums are up to! 234 more words

Thoughts And Feelings

milk frothing

i just got a brand new milk frother, and this thing is more fun than a bubble bath!

it makes fantastic, sculpt-able, long-lasting froth at any temperature i could want!

and it’s australian.