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Thoughts on Glorious Six foot Red Heads, ( for once not Joshua Homme). Also, tactics for delaying reading Houllebecq.

Snappiest title huh?

I have been reading I promise. Just not the things I should have been reading. This is pathetic. The most distressing thing about this is that it makes abundantly clear how little I have changed in twenty years. 602 more words


New stuff coming

I am currently working for a future exhibition based on my experience here in Aberystwyth in these 6 months or so…

I just want to give you guys a little taste of how the work is going to be like… Enjoy! 39 more words

Personal Project

Thursday 27th March 2014

Spent the early part of today investigating online different ways of painting/drawing and different media to use.  Found a fab site (http://www.studentartguide.com) that has really interesting articles on different things you can use to paint/draw with and ideas for layering and using different media as a base for your artwork.   255 more words

MAX ERNST (1891)

Max Ernst (1891)

Having served in World War I, German-born French painter and sculptor Max Ernst at first gravitated toward the Dada movement, but the former student of psychology and philosophy eventually became one of the founders of surrealism. 75 more words

Max Ernst - Frottage to Hand Printing

In frottage the artist takes a Pencil or other drawing tool and makes a rubbing over a textured surface. this surface could be something like bubble wrap, wood, metal or plastic etc . 259 more words

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