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Embryos are Transferred!

We got up this morning and went for an easy hike.  It was a nice time to spend with my husband and our hounds.  It was nice to be outside and moving before transfer.   272 more words

Baby Making

Pre-FET Anxiety

FET #2 is tomorrow at 11:30.

Unlike last time, where time seemed to crawl, time has seemed to speed up this cycle.  I’m not ready for this.   323 more words


Mile Marker 1173 (FET#1)

As the second week of the 2WW passed, I was further doubting the possibility of pregnancy. I started taking home pregnancy tests (HPTs) and they were all negative. 107 more words

Frozen Embryo Transfer

I'm back and ready for round two!

It was a nice break away and not googling daily! I had a scare two weeks ago. I thought AF arrived so I scheduled my baseline u/s. 362 more words

IVF recap - FET attempt #1

like the post on my first retrieval, i’m writing most of this in present tense and will publish later.  the prep for the frozen embryo transfer is just as time consuming and more lengthy than the prep for retrieval.   2,888 more words


Mile Marker 1166 (FET#1)

The 2WW…………….well, I am not going to lie and say that it is a great time but the first week was pretty standard. Lots of hoping that “Olaf” and my uterus would decide to work together and give us a live birth in a little under 9 months. 158 more words

Frozen Embryo Transfer

Round 2 Underway

The transfer happened successfully on Saturday. We received an email from the doctor:

Dear ,

We thawed 3 embryos this morning, of which 2 survived well and have been transferred to the surrogate mother.

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