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Round 2 Underway

The transfer happened successfully on Saturday. We received an email from the doctor:

Dear ,

We thawed 3 embryos this morning, of which 2 survived well and have been transferred to the surrogate mother.

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Mile Marker 1159 (FET#1)

As a noted last time, our neighbour who is a nurse has been kinda enough to guide Mr. H through giving me the shots. Our nurse friend suggested a video for Mr. 238 more words


Round 2 here we go

Our embryo transfer is scheduled for Saturday…Sita N.T will be our surromama. I have nothing else to report other than that we are cautiously optimistic and hopeful but to be honest, I do not have the energy to be excited. 11 more words


Mile Marker 1155 (FET#1)

On June 15th, I moved up to 2 mg of estrogen three times a day until my first ultrasound on June 20! The week was rather uneventful, although small stuff at work really seemed to piss me off. 217 more words


Mile Marker 1147 (FET#1)

On May 30th on CD2, I started to reintroduce estrogen orally. On the upside the issues with constant crying seemed to clear up or at least be far more manageable. 497 more words


FET #2 is Scheduled!

EEK, you guys!  They scheduled FET #2!  Apparently, UNC skips the period part and goes straight to meds.  I guess that makes sense considering they had me take 26 days of birth control instead of the normal 14 days. 86 more words

Baby Making

Next Steps

Thank you to everyone that called us, sent a text, or emailed us since the news. The news really knocked the wind out of us and I cannot even begin to describe how much it takes out of us each time we have had a negative result…We are recovering, picking ourselves up and moving forward. 113 more words