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FRET Update 4/15

Hey guys!

We had our official meeting with our doctor yesterday to finalize the plans for our Frozen Embryo Transfer (FRET)!
Everything looks great & my uterine lining growth has started to plateau (at an 11.4). 625 more words


FET Timeline - Updated

I went in for my baseline ultrasound on Friday, April 11th which was cycle day 4. My lining is thin and I don’t have any cysts, so we are good to go for our frozen embryo transfer this month! 126 more words


Preparing Our Nest

This soon-to-be-Mama and her mate have been busy for the past week.

Back and forth, gathering twigs, preparing their nest.

They are committed.

And they’re a team. 48 more words


It's OK to cry...

Today has been a rough day.  I’ve felt very emotional and out of sorts.  I’d even say, a bit anxious.  This morning, I couldn’t seem to stop crying, and the urge to still lingers.  446 more words


Wish Us Luck!

Much has happened in the past few weeks.  We signed up wholesale with our former IVF clinic to use frozen donor eggs through their donor conception program.  297 more words

IVF For Older Mamas

Big Money Big Decisions

We’ve been so kickass lucky up until now that most of our IVF expenses have been covered. That door is closing.

The doctor has recommended pushing through with stims and freezing – after which everything becomes out-of-pocket for us. 619 more words

Test Results Equal Shitty News

There’s alot happening all of a sudden – I’m going to break it up into a few posts:

Monday my husband and I sat down with Dr. 563 more words