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Healthy Desserts (Yes, Such Things Do Actually Exist)

It’s one of the easiest things ever too. Frozen grapes. Yes, that’s right. They’re sweet, cold, and healthy :)
All you do it wash some grapes, dry them as much as possible, spread them on a cookie sheet, stick them in the freezer to freeze, and then enjoy! 41 more words


June 14th, 2014

So there I was, sitting in the middle of the Mall of America: a scraped-clean froyo cup lying on the table in front of me next to a cell phone that was currently acting as a calorie counter, thanks to MyFitnessPal. 460 more words


Chocolate, Chilly, and Chatter

I have so much to share today that I’ll “barely” be able to share a couple of decadent chocolate recipes and some “chilly” frozen treats.  ;) 1,018 more words

Summer Treat: Frozen Grapes

Even on sweltering days, my urge to snack doesn’t go away.

Enter a simple, but brilliant solution:

Frozen Grapes.

Put a bunch or two in a bag and throw them in the freezer. 30 more words


Frozen Grapes

This is literally the easiest treat to make and it’s healthy! This hardly even counts as a recipe, more just an FYI to the people who haven’t discovered the amazingness of frozen grapes. 137 more words