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Frugal Marmalade

We have run out of marmalade, a major disaster in our house! Hubby does like a bit of marmalade on his toast in the morning. Normally I make a HUGE batch in January when you can buy Seville oranges as we like our marmalade thick cut, but for various reasons I didn’t this year. 66 more words

Simple Living


I’ll be honest, I don’t really remember the day. But, somewhere in the last 9 years I let go of the need to be “Cool”, the need to be defined by things, or other people. 497 more words

American Dream

Day 283 – Good Vibrations.

Money Spent: $0

For months and most of winter, I had shunned away from my friends, from events and from life outside the walls of my apartment. 350 more words

The Pursuit Of Riches

Staying cool, minus the air-con

My goal is to “retire” early in a few years and just work part-time or do online stuff a few hours a week. To reach this goal, I do three things: 282 more words

Frugal Living

Budgeting Baby Steps wk 6

So as I previously posted June was rough budgeting wise and so July has been spent trying to right the ship. August will be here soon and I am a little nervous. 260 more words

Life In General

Gardening: the Ultimate Frugal Hobby

Back when I was a kid, my parents had a Garden that started off small, but which kept getting bigger and bigger as the years went by so that now it takes up a huge portion of their backyard. 313 more words

Frugal Living

Meet the Refashionista, Jillian Owens.

Have you met Jillian Owens the refashionista? If you haven’t I have to introduce you to her! I would consider Jillian an artist. She has mastered the art of taking a thrift store find and refashioning it into a beautiful piece of wearable art. 333 more words