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Anti-Frugal living: My travel obsession

I’m all about the frugal living, except for one major weakness: travel. My thinking is that I’m young and healthy and that I have the vacation time to do it. 484 more words

Frugal Living

Day 186 – By Comparison.

Money Spent: $0.  

I had never thought of Kundalini as a workout, but last night I was actually sweating, going into camel pose 55 times in a row. 851 more words

The Pursuit Of Riches

How Credit Scores Work and Why They Matter Now More than Ever

Like it or not, a credit score is the language of lending approval for the consumer and for small businesses. It provides a standardized way that lenders can quickly evaluate and filter out loan applicants for all types of credit products ranging from revolving lines of credit to mortgages, and its not going away any time soon. 506 more words

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Fillet or fish: picking the better bargain

The weekly grocery fliers arrived yesterday, and when I saw the ad for ‘Fresh Wild Coho Salmon’ I was reminded of a frequent shopping dilemma: should I buy  391 more words

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Great Vintage Yard Sale Find!

This great waffle maker is decades old and was found by Ernie’s mother at a yard sale ages ago. We use it regularly. Homemade waffles are definitely worth making if you can. 141 more words

Frugal Living

Remove the Clutter

I am a packrat. Borderline hoarder. I keep EVERYthing, and my house is cluttered. Thank the Lord it’s not reality show quality, but it’s bad enough. 267 more words

The credit card rewards system is gaming you

Warnings against credit cards, while common, are almost always of the ‘don’t carry a balance’ variety. Over and over, we are told that as long as we pay off your balance each month and avoid fees and interest charges, we’ll come out ahead. 1,726 more words

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