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Frugal Marmalade

We have run out of marmalade, a major disaster in our house! Hubby does like a bit of marmalade on his toast in the morning. Normally I make a HUGE batch in January when you can buy Seville oranges as we like our marmalade thick cut, but for various reasons I didn’t this year. 66 more words

Simple Living

Exploring Enough

One of the key concepts behind simple living, frugality, and even early retirement is knowing when enough is enough. For me, rather than striving to have a life filled with the most possible, I try to identify the point at which I have enough of what I need to be happy. 578 more words

The rules of buying on paper.

I can’t remember where I read about this, but if I do I will link it here. It’s pretty simple, the concept of buying on paper, anything that has lasting power (i.e. 224 more words

Friday: The Anxiety is Strong With This One

Hello, gentle readers.

I’m going to preface this post by saying I am shooting for a candid exploration of my frugal journey with this blog. Sometimes candids are pretty and sometimes they are an anxious wreck with smeared mascara and toilet paper stuck to her shoe. 752 more words


Black Cherry Summer Ice

On days when it is just too hot to cook or for that matter eat anything that isn’t iced or at least from the fridge, this quick little recipe comes in extra handy. 227 more words



I’ll be honest, I don’t really remember the day. But, somewhere in the last 9 years I let go of the need to be “Cool”, the need to be defined by things, or other people. 497 more words

American Dream


My family has recently made some realizations that our current life doesn’t suit us anymore. We’ve decided to Seek a New Life… downsizing, simplifying, becoming more self sustaining and have decided that our goal is to unleash ourselves from this trap that society calls “life” with a “job” and a “house” and to move forward, to provide for ourselves and travel instead of being contained by the same 4 walls. 55 more words