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Frugal - spend cut - w/e 20/04/14

From my weekly budget of £20, I have spent:

  • £6.00 – lunch with a friend at a local restaurant. I had a voucher which saved a small amount off the price.
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Piggy Bank

Fresh Baked Bread can be Multi-purpose

I love to bake things from scratch, and this is one of the easiest multi-use recipes ever.  We use it for everything in my family. 556 more words


How to save over a thousand dollars in one year

Okay, I did the math, and I realize my own folly.  I am a coffee drinker, and I just love it. And I hate it. It’s not good for me, I’m addicted to it, and that’s why I hate it. 782 more words

Mom Stuff

DIY Replacing a Toilet

I have changed the flapper, adjusted the chain, replaced the whole inside guts of a toilet tank, and plunged more than my fair share of toilet bowls (especially with five boys in the house). 665 more words

Little Men

Let the Battle Begin: Dentist Office

Because – heaven forbid the dentist office actually bills the insurance company correctly on the first try.

I had thought that after the 3 month war I waged with my dentist office (I won) last year, they would be more careful with how they billed my insurance company. 371 more words


No Sew DIY Curtains!

High five for no sewing! Double high five for affordable custom curtains!! When we moved into our home last June, the former owners left these AWFUL curtains hanging in the family room. 689 more words


Aggressive Felted Handbag- Stashbust project no 9

It will fight whatever I wear.

But I don’t care! Fortunately I have got a black coat. Made with Merino and silk throwsters waste. I calculate the total cost was just under £2 for the bag if you add up the Merino, lining etc, but I splashed out by buying a hand-made ceramic button which was nearly another £2 ..eeek! 223 more words

Self Sufficiency