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Cheap Meals Series

I realised that I spend a lot of time writing, buying and making cheap meals, and I decided the world might like to read about these also. 180 more words


6 quick tips to save money while in college

1. No on the meal plans…

Unless you eat three meals a day plus snacks you may not need the 4k meal plan. THink about how much you eat and if you have classes during meal times, if you do you may want to buy a much smaller meal plan. 162 more words


Frugal Idea #26: Speak up

One of my favorite No Doubt songs is “Don’t Speak”. However, I have learned to “Speak Up” to save money.

In November, I will be part of the wedding party for two really great friends. 727 more words


Repairing inner thigh tears on jeans

My thighs touch. There. I said it. But those who know me are not shocked. Why? Because it doesn’t bother me that they touch. They always have and they almost certainly always will. 267 more words

Frugal and Frightful Halloween Goodies

With Halloween just around the corner, why not make a post dedicated to Halloween oriented recipes? Since Halloween and costume party invites are about to surface, don’t let money affect your RSVP or from you throwing the party. 84 more words

50 shades of Garlic

50 shades of Garlic

The Prepper’s garlic

Everyone has their own taste and preference of style of garlic, minced, fried, crushed, fresh, dried, powdered, fermented, strong, sweet and long last spicy. 264 more words