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Weekend Prep

So, I did manage to stay on track the rest of the week, and I didn’t even switch back to regular PP tracking. I’m pretty proud, though my husband did give into his sympathy cravings. 468 more words

Simply Filling

Grilled Rib-Eye Dinner, No Sweat

Summer and cooking indoors are two things that are a bit tricky to mix.  The grill has become my new BFF for the past several weeks, along with small appliances in the household.   342 more words

Cold-Brewed Coffee, No Equipment Needed

I love coffee. I usually have only one cup a day, two at the outside, but it’s my absolute favorite time of day. I am drinking it right now during the after-lunch viewing of  455 more words


Why I Don't Buy New Clothes...If I Can Help It

In my post Budgeting 101, I said that we do not have much of a clothing budget as I am able to get most of our clothes for really cheap or free. 1,144 more words

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Budgeting 101

One of the most prolific reasons that people stay in debt is not overspending, but instead not understanding WHAT they are spending. Using a budget makes that picture clear and shows where families are wasting their money.   1,503 more words

Frugal Living

EPILATORS: The Newest Beauty Device I'm Torturing Myself With!

Maybe you’ve heard of an epilator maybe not.. maybe your grandma has one of these crazy devices and you’ve been curious as to what it is. 119 more words

Product Reviews

Day seven- 31 Day No Spend Challenge- Meal Planning two

So far, I haven’t posted any pictures as I have been trying to simply post what I had already written from past days.  After this post, I will skip to real time and post what has happened in the week or so gap in the challenge, as this is actually the 21st day, not the 7th. 517 more words

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