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This is sew not me

We’ve been into town today on the hunt for fabric to make curtains for the boat for the winter months.
We measured up, and there is a sewing service at the local launderette, so I walked the dog there over the weekend to get advice and some idea of prices. 468 more words



We are parked at my Cousin David Moore’s get-a-way camp. His wife Melissa took me on a first adventure, canoeing on Lake Kokanee in the morning. 1,135 more words

Eat less meat

All vegetarians and vegans will be ecstatic, as this is the latest headline to suggest that our meat consumption is a danger to the planet/environment. 493 more words


Putting the Labor in Labor Day

The stay-at-home-mom job involves a lot of waiting and killing time. Sitting with a sick kid who can’t quite stay asleep, like I am right now. 547 more words


Lazy Bread

It used to be when someone told me they bake their own bread I’d picture them covered in flour, kneading dough and slaving over a hot oven. 790 more words

To heat, or not to heat

Winter this year is going to be one of the biggest learning curves in our lives together.
Unlike a house, we can’t ‘get in’ our winter fuel and set the boiler to automatic on and off.  485 more words

My Life

Life Would Not Be As Good Without Home-Grown Tomatoes

“There’s two things money can’t buy and that’s true love and home-grown tomatoes!”  That’s a line from a song that says it all if you’ve ever tasted that summer sweetness of a  tomato right off the vine.   631 more words