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Frugality Follow-up

To add to the conversation my previous post started I want to write more about being frugal this week.

This story from the NZ Herald supports my assertion that most people struggle to reign in their spending habits and make smarter, informed, conservative decisions when it comes to spending.  197 more words


Economics of Starting a Homestead

Disclaimer: If you’re independently wealthy and/or money isn’t a concern for you, this probably isn’t the article for you.

For the rest of us, either becoming or staying debt free is a top priority. 1,861 more words

Best Natural Way to Prevent Weed Growth in Large Areas

We have a somewhat large amount of land (almost a half acre), and most of it isn’t landscaped. We’re too poor to have it landscaped, but we’ve tried several methods through the years to control the weeds. 534 more words


What You Should And Should Not Buy From The Dollar Store

The dollar store is always a great option if you’re trying to find necessities for everyday living, since they pretty much have almost everything you need; however, some items are sold where it would be better to spend the extra dollar on it at a higher quality store. 360 more words


Reflections on simple living

I’ve been thinking about how this simple living thing is going so far – and most importantly, whether I’m any less happy, and whether life is more difficult, than when I was spending over double what I’m currently spending per month. 1,465 more words


Think Like a Business: How to Start Saving Despite Having a Limited Income

The Philippines is seeing unprecedented growth during these recent years.  And while our country’s continued performance should mean a better quality of life for most of us, many are still stuck doing minimum-wage jobs and living from paycheck to paycheck, which makes frugality and saving the least of their priorities, however important they may be. 356 more words

Mending Roundup

I’ve been busy with needle and thread this week and last, getting some repairs out of the way and off my desk (where I have been carelessly piling them). 552 more words