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Deadly Ebola Virus: Safeguard Yourself

So the deadly Ebola Virus has hit Nigeria and particularly, the commercial capital, Lagos. There is a need for us to examine carefully the virus… 1,538 more words

Ebola Virus

Bali Hai

Bali Hai was the mystical Island featured in the film South Pacific, which was, ironically, not shot in the South Pacific but instead in the South China Sea, on the island of ___________. 74 more words

Bali Hai

Frying eggs, flying foxes, dying wasps, crying shame

Crack an egg in a pan, turn up the heat and you can witness a kind of magic. In just seconds the viscous egg solidifies. Despite the rising heat, it’s the opposite of melting that occurs. 831 more words

Invisible highways

Migration is an effective mechanism for organisms to maximize the utilization of limited resources year-round. It is typically undertaken to switch between wintering and breeding grounds, where food may be momentarily bountiful for rearing offspring but conditions may be unfavorable for the rest of the year. 454 more words

Wild on WANE - Fruit Bats

The Australian Adventure is home to around 33 Jamaican and Seba’s Short-tailed bats. These aren’t the kind that ‘vant to suck your blood.’ They’re fruit bats. 318 more words

Wild On Wane