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Ebola Virus: The Modern "Outbreak"

Below are victims of the Ebola Virus. It seems that this virus is more aggressive than we initially thought. It’s claiming victims and seems to be spreading swiftly. 143 more words

Talking Ebola

UPDATE. A video of the talk is now available here. A little rough in voice and ideas, some of which hours later I revised. Such is the nature of the beast of an outbreak. 212 more words

Ecological Resilience

Make you Fink on Friday

Ebola is on everybodies lips.

Well, if it isn’t it should be.

First West Africa, then the USA, then Spain, then Macedonia and the latest in France. 471 more words

Fink On Friday

Seaweed - Fruit Bats

Imagery and obscurity are weaved together to produce a song that is heard, not from your ears, nor your heart, but rather within your throat. In that space before your lungs, just behind the collar bone, where deep breaths are taken in. 28 more words


First Ebola, now Marburg. Here's why deadly viruses are on the rise in Africa

As the Ebola virus ravages western and central Africa, one of its virulent cousins has turned up in the opposite corner of the continent. Ugandan authorities report that a healthcare worker in Kampala, the country’s capital, … 482 more words