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Favourite recipes: Evaporated milk fruit cake

I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of the really rich fruit cakes that you get at weddings and Christmas (but don’t get me wrong, if given some I will eat it!) but I have a recipe for a fruit cake that is much lighter and, in my humble opinion, tastes great. 240 more words


Banana and chocolate cake

Beautiful layered cake for my boyfriend’s birthday, by his choice with banana and chocolate flavor. I made this cake past weekend ago for his celebration and he liked it a lot. 1,501 more words

T As Tasty

This Year, Forget Black Friday-- Get Started on Black Cake!

I’m very excited to share that my essay and recipe about Trinidad black cake has been published in today’s Washington Post!

For those of you not from the Caribbean, black cake is a fruit and rum cake ( 178 more words


A Forager's Dark Fruit Cake (Vegan & GF)

The traditional, rich, dark Christmas cake seems to be out of fashion these days. A good one, if you can find it, is very expensive, and a home-made one requires more time and planning than many people want to put into their holiday baking. 740 more words


Bara Brith: Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegan

Do you like fruit cake? Yeah, me neither. Growing up, the only fruitcake I ever tried was store-bought and filled with corn syrup solids (aka, “fruit”), and it was usually so hard that you could lose a tooth in it. 528 more words

Bara Brith

I bake, I bake and I bake

This was one of those weekends where I wanted nothing more than to have some time to myself.  When I am working I feel so confined in the small space and there is no escaping interaction with others. 220 more words



When I posted THE TIES THAT BIND (Nov. 11), I thought it was a caveat emptor which put cravats behind me once and for all. But that was before my wife and other hangers-on started asking what I want for Christmas in the form of a wish list, which is of minor import compared to the things I DON’T want for Christmas — ties, of course, being #1 on that list. 225 more words