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It's all about that spice, bout that spice: Apple Spice Bread (GF)

Grab those apples, cause today on the blog I give you apple spice bread! Gluten free of course. Look at those poor little apples left over from apple picking…I think I’ll make apple spice bread with them! 152 more words


Sandwiching a little history into peanut butter & Concord grape jelly cookies

Along with its partners, peanut butter and sliced white bread, Concord grape jelly is an American staple, a symbol of something completely familiar and unsurprising. Which is why Steve was so delighted to find out that the original name for it was “Grapelade,” and the stuff became popular after it was included (along with cigarettes) in WWI ration kits. 969 more words


Pawpaw ice cream with unfamiliarity and added tropicality

Even though we were raised within their growing range, pawpaws have been mostly a mystery to Gourmandistan. We were somewhat familiar with the song “ 732 more words


Cheat's Choc Cherry Trifle

This is quick and clever twist on wine trifle.

Generally I would spend a lot of time making a cake and preparing rich egg custard, but just occasionally, when time is running short, I opt for a cheat’s version of trifle made with a packet cake mix and custard powder. 318 more words


Say cheese!: Little Miss Muffet, eating her curds and whey

I just completed my third cooking class in five days – a hefty schedule for me.  The best part of the classes were the new, wonderful and enthusiastic ladies I met – all interested in learning some new recipes and techniques.   713 more words


Apple Pie

I felt the need to post a dessert recipe, it’s not earth shattering or different it’s as American as apple pie, well, it is apple pie. 909 more words


Banana Bread

You buy bananas at the grocery store. When you bring them home, they have this nice yellow colour; they are sweet and they make a really good portable snack. 375 more words

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