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Small Fly, Big Impact: A History of Drosophila Research (and Why It Matters)

The seemingly insignificant fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, has played a leading role in our understanding of nearly every aspect of biology. This charming short film from the… 25 more words


NASA just sent its astronauts some weird stuff

SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft successfully docked with the International Space Station on Jan. 12, and astronauts will be unloading more than 5,100 lbs (2,300kg) of cargo it brought up for NASA and other space agencies over the next month. 267 more words

Composting and Fruit Flies

First off, I want to apologize for having a post binge over winter break only to disappear once school started up again. When school is in session, I work (teach, grade, attend meetings, research, write, hold tutorials, lesson plan) for easily sixty hours or more per week. 441 more words


Animals that hold Pharmacy Degrees

When we fall ill, we visit a clinic or a pharmacy. Our ancestors however, picked their medicine from the wild. No pharmacist wrote prescriptions. Instead, our ancestors observed and learned from sick animals that healed themselves by eating certain plants. 414 more words

Science News Report

Drosophila, Viagra, and the Circle of Life

It was the Fall of 2001.  I’d been working overtime that summer at the pharmacy.  Okay, so I’d been picking up hours at lots of pharmacies, knowing that when I went back to school, those hours would be cut way, way, down. 440 more words


Food for thought: fast yourself awake

By William Park

The Tweet: “Starvation can produce profound mental clarity.”

Starvation or fasting reduces feelings of tiredness and the need to sleep, according to… 420 more words


Fruit Flies of Destiny

There was such a problem with fruit flies  in my office last… let’s say Thursday… that I feel I should have captured them and started experimenting; to do otherwise was really a wasted opportunity. 54 more words