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Fruit Flies and Spiders and, What Else? OH NO!

It is once again that time of year, when people start closing up house (at least in colder climate areas of the world) to prepare for the coming seasons. 255 more words


Fly Shortage

Well it happened this week for the first time in a year or so. I must have either messed up on the timing or due to the cooler weather the new culture produced slower than expected, but either way, the fly production halted to a stop and I found myself left without any flies to feed the frogs. 298 more words

Fruit Flies

Friday letters and links

Can you believe it’s Friday again already? This has been another one of those weeks that seemed to simultaneously fly by and take forever. Work has been busy again, and thanks to a Tuesday night strike which caused my train on Wednesday to be cancelled (meaning I arrived later than usual) and having to leave early yesterday, I’ve ended up spending quite a bit of time working from home in the evenings trying to make up my hours. 603 more words


3 Simple Hacks for the Home ... and they Actually Work!

We’ve all seen lists and “hacks” that spread through our Facebook and Pinterest pages, but how many of them actually work and who seriously has time to try them all !?   267 more words


The Weary Traveler - Fiction - Part Three

We arrived in Arkansas without needing to stop again for gas or visit one of the many vegetable stands along the way. I was beginning to think the driver of the truck was an anti-social type of fellow who ate nothing except for fruit and vegetables. 442 more words


The Weary Traveler - Fiction - Part Two

The engine of the truck sounded like a marching band to me as we pulled out of the parking space, heading for Tennessee on our way to Richmond, Texas. 494 more words


Journal Entry 100214

Going strong here. Enjoying writing daily about my mundane sometimes, exciting sometimes life.  This morning is all about Aqua Fitness, finishing up with my gym employment paper work, packing for trip, preparing house to be gone…oh my Gah…I feel overwhelmed already. 1,228 more words