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The Things You Read in the News!

It does make you wonder about some of the scientific experiments undertaken these days. How will mankind benefit in the future from this one?!

BBC News 5 Days ago: 252 more words


Gecko sex satellite 'not responding'

A Russian satellite containing geckos, fruit flies and mushrooms could plummet to earth if control is not regained, according to reports.

This is particularly worrying as the satellite was originally sent to space as these particular geckos and fruit flies were the most criminally violent of their species – exiled from earth because of their rampant sexual advances towards mushrooms. 123 more words


Shoo Fly!

Fruit flies.

Last summer was a horrible year in our home for fruit flies.  This year, it isn’t as bad.  However, a few of my friends have said that they have been the worst they have seen in years in their homes.  400 more words

what's new, pussycat?

This last week or so has been chock-full-o-living.  Really.  That’s all we’ve been doing around here.  The boys have had their sports and we’ve had our parties and, well…. 387 more words

Effective Pest Control Tips You Can Start Using Today

No homeowner deserves to have pests invade their home. Just when you think you have everything in your home taken care of, the pests invade. There are many ways to control pests. 648 more words

Newly-Discovered Process Helps Fruit Flies Cope When Temperatures Get Cold

Now researchers from the University of Rochester and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory have found how animals’ cells manage to keep their biological processes coordinated. 28 more words


New Bike (!!!) and Two Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

Watching the Tour de France has been especially inspiring lately, since I have (drumroll, please….) a NEW BIKE!!!  Yes, the carbon-fiber fairy has finally come to my door in the form of a fancy pants new bike that is one sweet ride. 1,326 more words