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Fruit Flies of Destiny

There was such a problem with fruit flies  in my office last… let’s say Thursday… that I feel I should have captured them and started experimenting; to do otherwise was really a wasted opportunity. 54 more words

How Stem Cells Build a Complex Brain

Guest post by science writer Carl Sherman

Within the brain’s complexity is the diversity of its 10 billion neurons: large, small, thin, fat, connected by long fibrils or short bushy ones. 821 more words


Banishing Fruit Flies

By Nick Shamhart

Fruit Flies (Drosophila of the family Drosophilidae): are obnoxious little pests, aren’t they? Hitchhiking into your home on fruit from the market, tucked into the soil of your indoor/outdoor plants when you bring them in for the winter, or any other random interaction of decaying plant matter. 415 more words

Gardening Tips

From Strangers To Mates In 15 Minutes

This article first appeared in The Daily, digital news of Case Western Reserve University  624 more words


Vinegar and Jesus

by our Founder, Brittany Zimmerman

This post isn’t going to be like anything I have ever written for you before.  This one is different. A good different… 543 more words

Sleeping Like a Baby

Everyone knows newborn babies sleep a lot. At least, that’s what the books say–although many sleep-deprived parents might disagree. But why?

Scientists have mounting evidence to support the idea that sleep is necessary for effective learning and memory functions. 478 more words


Death to the Fruit Flies!

After feasting on juicy strawberries, tomatoes, cherries, plums, and other summer fruits, the remains of a good summer bumper crop produced an inordinate amount of flying objects indoors. 453 more words