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Under the Microscope

Quite literally.

A brief outline of my rather basic science project;

radiating flies with shortwave ultraviolet light for 1 hour, 3 hours, and 5 hours, then for half the group, again. 990 more words

Rid Yourself Of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies love sweets, ripe vegetables and fresh fruit, especially if it’s overripe (the fermenting process is a strong attraction for them).

If they’re in your house, they have found a food source to feed from and lay their eggs on. 842 more words


Science Says: Swatting Fruit Flies Is Annoying Because They’re Basically Tiny Fighter Jets

As proven time and time again after you leave those bananas on the counter for too long, the grasping meathooks we call hands are basically ineffective when faced with the ever elusive fruit fly. 331 more words

Drosophila Melanogasters - The Damson Busters

This is Droso One
to Droso Two -
I’m going in!

This is Droso Two
to Droso One -
Good luck!

A subtle dip of his wing… 131 more words


Drosophila's Got Talent

In entomological layoff news, a study in Science Magazine created 3,500 fruit flies, then dismissed 3,499 of them after discovering that none of them could walk backwards. 279 more words


Scientists Genetically Engineer Fruit Flies To Moonwalk

Source: Science Mag

Walking backward may seem a simple task, but researchers don’t know how the mind controls this behavior. A study published online today in… 346 more words

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