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Bumblebees Bimble around the Flowering Currant

Now that spring is here, complete with gales and hail, the garden is really starting to come alive. As the plants become more colourful with blooms and blossoms, so the air becomes filled with the busy buzzing of bees. 376 more words


March 18th, 2014

Day 30 of the whole 30 diet: finally. I’m still going to continue, maybe not as strict, but I’ll definitely keep going until I can wear my “XXL” team USA soccer jersey without looking like a pregnant manatee. 240 more words

Fruit Leather Tulip Basket

Woohoo!!! Spring break is finally here. I just got some time off to sit down and relax.  I could not wait to have a time to share this tutorial with you. 464 more words


Fruit Leather

I had a carton of strawberries that needed to be eaten, the pulp from the Purple Passion Juice, and pulp from Watermelon Crush Juice, so I mad a Mixed Fruit Leather. 435 more words

Pinned & Tried

Leather + Lace, pt. 1

This post and the one to follow are a total study in contrasts. I made two of my favorite treats, each of which I love for different reasons: Homemade Fruit Leather and Oatmeal Vanilla Lacey Cookies. 383 more words

Brewday: The Mead

A couple weeks ago Nick and I made mead. It was my first time actually participating in the brewing process beyond just capping the bottles. 244 more words