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Ital Fruit Leather

In this video I demonstrate how to make Ital fruit leather using a food dehydrator. Fruit leather is similar to fruit roll-ups, except they made naturally from real ingredients. 37 more words

Planning self sufficiency

We like to have a wide variety in vitamins all year round. Yes you do get creative when you have heaps of zucchini (courgette) in June or daily kilo’s of tomatoes in July and August, but after a week of daily zucchini it’s definitely not your favorite vegetable anymore. 689 more words

Self Sufficiency


These are crab apples that I discovered in our windbreak. They are a wild species of the apple tree, the genus Malus.

I discovered and harvested about 4 gallons of the cherry-sized crab apples just west of the main garden, in the windbreak. 194 more words


Healthy sweets for self sufficient kids

Our kids aren’t sweet teeth; they don’t give much about candy. But they do love all kinds of fruit! Also dried fruits. We dry plums in the solar dryer, but peaches or strawberries are not suitable for drying. 251 more words

Self Sufficiency - Food

Sea Buckthorn leather: A Roll-up for Grown-ups!

This is my third post in a row using berries. The first were juicy sweet blue black nannyberries, the second sour red sumac, and this one is a bitter sweet bright orange sea-buckthorn, or… 600 more words

Wild Fruit

Plum Season

I have several plum trees in my back yard. This is the first year since we moved here that we’ve actually had a plum crop. The wind usually knocks them all down before they have a chance to ripen. 352 more words

All-Natural Foods That Kids Will Love

We do not have to feed our kids processed sugar to keep them happy. There are plenty of foods out there that are tasty, healthy and all natural. 489 more words