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How to make all natural fruit leather (without a dehydrator, or turning on your oven)


Today’s post is a process rather than a strict recipe.  It is adaptable to any type of fruit.  Use what is fresh, local, and in season.   399 more words


What Claire Ate: July 9th, 2014

Because Tuesday ended with cocktails, Wednesday began with coconut water.

Lunch was a tuna sandwich.

Went to the pub to watch the MOST BORING WORLD CUP GAME EVER. 90 more words


Fruit Leather

I used to love fruit roll ups as a kid….okay who am I kidding, I would eat a box now…but I won’t. This fruit leather comes pretty dang close to the real deal if not better! 223 more words

Fruit Leather

Aam Papad or Mango Fruit Leather Strips

Aam Papad, spicy, tangy and simply yum!

Pure, no artificial colors, no preservatives, no impurities !

Aditi and Nikhil of Confused Bawarchis fame had posted the Spicy Mango and Peppery Strawberry fruit roll ups, few days ago and they had stuck in my mind ! 346 more words

Strawberry Leather

When I was a kid, my dad built a solar food drier – he was a craftsman by trade for most of my childhood. It was a box made of plexi that had screens as sliding trays, and the sun would bake the box passively, drying anything inside. 516 more words

Food Preservation

Fruit Leather Rolls [recipe]

Impulse buys at the farmers market, yup I’m sure we’ve all done that. Usually it’s with some unique veggies that I’ve never cooked with before, but this time I went a bit overboard with the strawberries, the deal was too good to not pass up. 657 more words


Master Food Preserver Class - Week 6

I was a little sad that by week 6 of my Master Food Preserver class we were done with canning. Maybe that’s why it’s taken me so long to write this post ;) But actually, I learned a lot about dehydrating fruits and vegetables, which was great because it is something I have a little less experience with doing at home.  913 more words