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I Keep Finding R-Type

It was a nice day Friday so I wanted to get out of the office for a bit. I headed up to Savers in Toledo to see what they had. 174 more words

In Person Pick Ups

App Games: A Traveler's Best Time Killer

One of the most exciting things about going on a trip, whether you’re going out of the country or exploring a new state entirely, is packing things you like to do to occupy your time on a flight, in the waiting area, or in the car. 757 more words


I Doodle, You 'Ku 2014 - 28

The concept is simple: Here’s a doodle. Now write a poem to accompany it!

New to doodleku? See the original post; you can also click  7 more words


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In Which I Try to Find Deeper Meaning

I don’t consider myself an intuitive person. I don’t get things straight off the bat, or come up with brilliant analogies for explaining difficult concepts. Our Orthopaedic consultant is really good at that – he managed to explain the complex immune process of… 321 more words


Cats Love Mobile Games Too

Kotaku posted something that got my attention. They shared a video from YouTube where cats play a game called Fruit Ninja on tablets. It is basically a game where you can slice fruits. 157 more words


Five on Friday

Friday!  I hope you’re pumped for a great weekend.  I’m actually going to be working Friday, Saturday, and Sunday between my two part-time jobs, but I’m still excited for extra time at home with my boyfriend. 362 more words

Five On Friday

Fuck Boredom

One phrase in a conversation that always pisses me off–”I’m bored.”

What the bloody hell is that supposed to mean?  That I’m too inadequate to entertain you, or that you’re only talking to me because you lack other sources of amusement in your diminutive lifespan and you cannot, for the love of God, have your goldfish attention span unoccupied by some psychedelic stimulus, not even for five fucking minutes? 217 more words

Fuck Everything