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Monday Mosh Pit: Beartooth- 'The Lines'

Mondays suck right? So every Monday we will be bringing you a serious headbanger to help you rage on through the day or night! Whether they’re old, new or upcoming artists, they’re coming to you courtesy of ZoVina music! 172 more words

Real-life Fruit Ninja! Watch Isao Machii slice up flying fruit like a boss 【Video】

They call him ‘The Modern-Day Samurai’. Master swordsman Isao Machii can slice a BB gun pellet in mid-air. He holds four World Records for swordsmanship – so what’s he doing… 218 more words


Wan Nyan Slash

Cats and dogs fighting demons in Japan. Not weird at all. 

A game about japanese katana wielding pets might sound out there, but in reality… 397 more words


Fruit Ninja Gets a Real-Life Video Adaption, Again (Videos)

As far as marketing gimmicks go, this is pretty cool.

To promote its toaster strudel (now there’s five words I didn’t think I’d be writing, ever), Pillsbury hired Isao Machii, a master of the Japanese martial art… 222 more words


Chinese censorship is all part of the game as Tencent's user base and profits grow

The numbers: Second-quarter net income for Chinese internet giant Tencent rose an impressive 59% to 5.84 billion yuan (pdf) ($949 million), better than analysts were expecting. 174 more words

How this company takes a mobile game like Fruit Ninja and adapts it for Chinese users

When a western mobile-games company wants to bring a game to China, there are a few factors they probably should consider: Will the game suit local tastes? 588 more words