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Go berries- Go smoothie - Frozen Yogurt Fruit Smoothie

I am in complete love with smoothies these days. Give me any fruit, i’l turn it into a smoothie and enjoy my post workout snack. ;) I learnt recently that blueberries are a great snack post workout and keep you full for a long time. 60 more words

Pumpkin Pie Green Smoothie

I admit it, I’m a stereotypical white girl.  I love fall.  I love pumpkins and apple cider and brown boots and sweaters and all the leaves on the trees changing colors.   304 more words


Strawberry Oat Smoothie

My husband and I have been on a bit of a smoothie kick lately. My husband has entered into his busy season of the year at work which means he has been working overtime each week. 204 more words

Day 10 and 11

Soooooo, the smoothie I made on day 9 didn’t fill me up until lunch like I hoped it would. So, I decided to give a coconut milk one a try on day 10. 219 more words


Blackberry and Apple Smoothie

With such an abundance of blackberries around at the moment I’m planning on using them in lots of recipes this month. I thought this autumnal fruit smoothie might just hit the spot. 145 more words


If there is only one healthy thing I do everyday.. this is it.

I have noticed that as I grow up, the fewer vegetables I eat. Maybe this is just a phase I’m in.. 26 years old, career oriented/convenience driven, no kids I’m force feeding vegetables, keeping me accountable for my own intake.. 368 more words


Super Smoothie.

Recently I stumbled across this yummy smoothie. It has many health benefits without tasting disgusting. I drink in the morning as my breakfast. However it is very beneficial to drink before a workout. 76 more words

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