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Jujube In Springtime

In winter, the Jujube bush is nothing more than a dangerous tangle of branches covered in evil thorns as you can see below. Not quite as boring looking as a Pomegranate bush over winter, but you wouldn’t want a garden full of them, that’s for sure… 17 more words


Helpful Fruit Orchard Series & Tour

Hi everyone. For those of you who are blessed to have yummy fruit trees growing in your home back yard (or front yard!), I hope you’re getting through your orchard to-do list without issue or stress. 1,892 more words

Fruit Trees

Frost Damage to Crops Due to Weather Manipulation

In the past few years I have seen a heavy frost or freeze happen after the trees are in full bloom or blossom. There is no doubt in my mind — and the minds of many others — that weather manipulating technologies are being used to sabotage the agricultural climates to reduce food production. 253 more words

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Saving the fruit trees from freezing

Hi everyone and Happy Tax Day! Yeah, I know, no one is happy on tax day except the federal government, but I still want to wish you all a good day. 1,250 more words

Trees – why we love ‘em – and it is time to plant

 Benefits of trees
So you sometimes hear us plant types talking a lot about ‘tree cover’ – and that a community should aim for over 40% tree cover to be a healthy outdoor living space. 518 more words


Ready, steady, sow 15.04.14

Since my last blog I have learnt a few interesting things, none of which are particularly relevant to the average allotmenteer, but interesting nevertheless.

Firstly, april fool pranks are best not practised at my allotment. 326 more words


Spring Planting

Some things have been planted, and some are still waiting their turn. From our first year food forest, to the zone 1 raised bed gardens, our homestead is expanding and becoming more of a permaculture farm. 234 more words

Food Forest