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Changing how you shop for groceries.

Changing the way you shop on a day to day basis can help increase your savings massively. Your shopping habits say a lot about you as a person, for example supermarket snobs who only use Waitrose or Marks & Spencer because ‘nothing else is good enough’ – WRONG! 549 more words

Saving For A House

How I eat healthy on a budget

If you ask most people about healthy eating on a budget they will most likely say meal planning is the key. For me, it’s more about the time of day I go shopping. 306 more words

Dieting & Healthy Eating


I want to begin by telling a story, about something that happened to me a couple of years ago. This story, whilst apparently fairly trivial, casts, I believe, an important light upon society as a whole. 399 more words


The Couch Gardener

Winter is well and truly here in New Zealand. While Central Otago and the Central Plateau are enjoying the snow and ski season, Auckland is greeted with rain, high winds and relatively low temperatures. 232 more words

Fruit & Veg

Kids - What makes a good sandwich?

It should taste yummy, it should fill us up to keep us going until our next meal and give us good stuff to keep us healthy. 446 more words

Shopping Clean: When to Go Organic

Everyone knows that organic food is better, but what does organic actually mean?

Organic food is defined by the Soil Association as ‘food which is produced using environmentally and animal friendly farming methods’. 512 more words



The main reason I love living on the streets of Windsor? It has a 24/7 Bottle Shop. When panic attacks set in during the night, I can quickly self-medicate. 729 more words

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