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Perfect Peaches - how to store and handle peaches

There’s a saying, “peachy keen” and that signals our eagerness to get stuck into peach season.  It’s the summer stone fruit of note and we are slurping to our heart’s content.   602 more words

Aussie Farmers Direct


About a week ago, my AFB cofounder Gary ‘Gary From Leeds’ From Leeds suggested that we really should get the Average Food cart back up and running, and where better to start than a discussion of the physalis fruit? 541 more words


I hear it over and over again. The two sides of the coin with all my weight loss clients. One being “I’m not losing weight – but ALL I eat are fruits & veggies”; the other – “You want me to eat THAT many servings of fruit & veg a day?!” There’s a reason why you’re failing, and while it may be more complex than just your leafy greens and your mid-afternoon banana (don’t hold the PB!) I often see major problems, along with teachable moments, in each client’s fruit & veg intake. 1,040 more words



By way of recap on the story so far, there have been few stronger disagreements between AFB editors Gary and Joshua than on the key issue of the physalis.  305 more words


Healthful Smoothie

Over summer I became a bit of a smoothie addict (in an attempt to combat all the time I spent sitting in beer gardens). I tried LOADS of different combinations of fruit and veg. 295 more words


Quick Healthy Meals

Since I started running again, I’ve been preparing super easy and healthy meals for my lunch. I try to run between 7km to 8km every other day and the last thing I want is to prepare fussy lunches as I’m usually pretty hungry by the time I get home. 59 more words