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The Truth About Sugar

It’s possible I may lose some of you with this post but I pride myself on honesty and authenticity so feel the need to voice my thoughts….Something that’s been on my mind for a little while but I haven’t articulated so clearly is my thoughts on avoiding fruit and the whole I quit sugar philosophy. 343 more words


Pineapple, Strawberry & Banana Smoothie

3 Bananas (2 Frozen)
1 Cup of Fresh Pineapple
1 Cup of Strawberries (fresh or Frozen)

* if you don’t have frozen bananas just add some ice… 59 more words


Oranges are not the only fruit (that doesn't rhyme)

I juggled some oranges

Outside of Gorringes

In Lewes, near Brighton, one day

They said “What are you doing?

We thought you were queuing

to look at the lots, here today.” 40 more words


Apples: the ultimate everyday accessory

Infinity scarves? No. They won’t keep doctors away. Apples are the ultimate everyday accessory (fruit). Katherine explains where the star in the apple comes from. Could it be due to a random doubling of chromosomes? 1,146 more words

Festive Fruit Turkey

My daughter was having a Thanksgiving feast at preschool. The teachers let the kids choose what they wanted to bring. My daughter thought bananas would be a great Thanksgiving feast food. 157 more words

How do I help my child who has constipation?

Our munchkin’s favourite food is banana. I thought – great, she loves fruit. The only problem now is that she has become extremely constipated and as she isn’t swallowing much else, yet, I had to research how to help her. 266 more words

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