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Today was such a rainy day. I got soaked on my way to class, so I bought an umbrella afterwards for my walk to babysitting. Well, as soon as I stepped outside and opened by brand new red umbrella, yup-it completely flipped inside out and broke. 237 more words


Mellow Fruitfulness

“Share, dear, be nice.”   “But muuuuum, they’re my favourites.”

Generosity is one of my core values. I live by it nearly all of the time. But not when MY fruit is ripening! 878 more words

Food & Drink


Three ingredients.  Four if you count water. It was one of the best things I’ve made in the last few months, though.  Slices of clementine soaking in a light caramel infused with cinnamon.   356 more words

Desserts, Sweets

Advance Payment for Fruit on Trees (Ahadith 1945 - 1947)


Volume 3, Book 35, Number 450 :
Narrated by Abu Bakhtari At-Tai
I asked Ibn ‘Abbas (radiallaahu `anhu) about Salam for (the fruits of) date-palms. 300 more words


Day 2 PMA's Detox

Detox Day Two

The detoxing is officially under way! How was day two for you? My day was not so good, but still I didn’t cheat! 218 more words