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Plants for sale to support gardens in Los Angeles

Plants for sale close to W. Adams and Normandie at the Erika J. Glazer Community Garden. Join the community sale on Saturday, April 19th from 10am to 1pm and if you have any questions please get in contact with Aisha Farley.

(213) 797-6550


So this isn’t really a meal, but it’s a good breakfast or in-between meal option. Despite being a vegetarian, I find it pretty hard to get the recommended intake of fruits and veggies. 207 more words


Do it yourself fruit and veggie wash

This is how we clean our fruits and veggies. Eat clean and make sure your food is clean of pesticides by soaking in vinegar. Fruits and vegetables with tough skins that you remove (like pineapple, banana and orange) don’t carry the same risk of carrying pesticides as fruits with skins that you eat (like apple, tomato, pepper, cucumber).

Fighting the Sugar Rush

I know that I go on and on about eating right. Your health, your responsibility, yada, yada, yada, lol! I still believe those things with all my heart, but I like a little sugar in my diet too. 601 more words

Why I began Eating Clean >.<

I have been a meat eater all my life, when I was a kid I thought meat was a major part of everyone’s diet. I actually thought that vegetarians and vegans were crazy not to eat at least some type of meat, I thought who doesn’t like bacon!? 714 more words

Garden Kitchen Lab Map

Spring is here and we are planning our garden building. First step was to document the sun light hours in the area where we want to grow, vegetable and herb garden need at least eight hours of sun to grow strong and healthy vegetables and fruits. 45 more words


Food Safety Starts in the Garden – Grow Your Own Healthy, Fresh Food!

Spring and early summer have home gardeners anxious to begin planting, while grocery stores are beginning to fill their shelves with fresh fruits and vegetables from all corners of the globe. 745 more words

Food Safety