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Covering "the Other Color"

  I’m wrapped up in another one of those what-kind-of-feminist-are-you debates with myself, and it’s making me more neurotic than usual. My hair, my dark brown hair, is salt and pepper, heavy on the salt. 751 more words


Feeling like a frumpy mom

Okay so today I was feeling pretty frumpy. I was even wearing one of my husbands shirts. It doesn’t help that we have a similar shirt size… Anyways as I was waiting for my son to finish his nap so I could get some stuff for his birthday party tomorrow, I realized “hey! 142 more words

Through Owls Eyes

Stop the Frump

frump  (frmp) – n

  1. A girl or woman regarded as dull, plain, or unfashionable.
  2. A person regarded as colorless and primly sedate.

One of my BFFs and I are just a few months away from a milestone birthday. 1,110 more words

Real Women

Our Perception of Beauty has been Morphed so Normal Looks Frumpy?

As many girls do, I was just daydreaming about what my wedding will look like. My daydreaming stumbled onto bridesmaid dresses then onto a website of the company I would possibly buy said dresses from. 274 more words


Just Say NO to the Mom Jeans

It makes me very sad when I see a woman wearing “mom jeans” at the grocery store or running errands. You may look at these jeans and think there is nothing wrong with them, but let me begin at the top and work my way down this pant choice. 120 more words

Flintstone's Fanny Pack

M: I wonder if this holds enough money to buy a brontosaurus steak.

E: This fanny pack was designed when Barney Rubble met Zack Morris in some weird time warp accident. 78 more words