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Ponytails (another rant on "frumpy")

I never really cared what my hair looked like. I was more than happy to just pull it back into a pony tail and call it a day. 651 more words




I am in the process of changing my life. I have been divorced for 12 years and I think I am finally ready to start dating again. 309 more words

On Frumpiness

I’ve always felt insecure when it comes to fashion. It just seems so arbitrary, the rights and wrongs, and I feared being judged. After turning five, I rejected skirts, and dresses, and all things pink. 568 more words


Clothes Make The Girl

Do the clothes make the girl? If they do, I’m all wrinkled and frumpy and so out of style today that I should be thrown in a burn barrel! 650 more words

Attempting to Unravel the Truth about Beauty: Part One

Sometime ago I posted an article written by a self-professed “exceedingly attractive” woman who was having a good moan about women who were punching well above their weight and married or dating attractive, successful men.  1,700 more words

Lost your Mojo? Bring that smexy mama back!

On becoming a parent, many of us experience the common phenomenon of lost-glamour. Gone are the days of glorious self-pampering, replaced now, quite literally by Pampers. 852 more words

Raisin Pickneys

My Brother's Wedding & Some Fashion Finds

I’m sick. Sometimes I think, ok….I deserve to be sick. If I’ve been eating poorly or not getting enough sleep. Or if I have been wearing short sleeves when it’s snowing outside. 1,048 more words

Korean Fashion