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Just Say NO to the Mom Jeans

It makes me very sad when I see a woman wearing “mom jeans” at the grocery store or running errands. You may look at these jeans and think there is nothing wrong with them, but let me begin at the top and work my way down this pant choice. 120 more words

Flintstone's Fanny Pack

M: I wonder if this holds enough money to buy a brontosaurus steak.

E: This fanny pack was designed when Barney Rubble met Zack Morris in some weird time warp accident. 78 more words

Amazing Amazon Finds: Part Deux

You may remember our first Amazing Amazon Finds post. If not, you’re dead to us. Click here to refresh your memory. 

E: Attention all prospective shrimp farmers – this deal is for YOU! 153 more words

Reality Is So Unfair

See, here’s the problem with, erm, everything.

Real life bears no resemblance to the goings on in my head.

I want to change my hair. It was getting very long, I had to put it over my shoulder to stop it getting caught when doing up my bra. 200 more words

Does Jesus want me to be frumpy?

No two-pieced swimsuits.


That was the rule growing up in my household.  I remember throwing a birthday party the summer before my fifth grade year and inviting everyone I knew, and shamelessly flaunting my untimely developed friend before my mom and asking her, “don’t you like her swimsuit?!”  This, of course, was one of the unthinkable legalisms imposed on me that stunted my social development and coolness-factor at school.   1,259 more words

New Testament

You Look Tired

I’m in the first hour of my twelve hour shift, when I walk into the room of my next patient, a well-groomed, well -accessorized little old lady. 654 more words

Man Mondays: Lana Del Rey's Younger, Lamer Brother

M: For the love of all that is holy, please say no man would EVER wear a cut off sweatshirt with an incomprehensible and nonsensical saying on it. 118 more words