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Frumpy NO MORE! Well at least not for a few days!





I have received now 3 Stitch Fixes! Stitch Fix is an OUTSTANDING service, and almost a MUST for any “Frumpy Mommy”.  578 more words

Thing I Wish I Could Wear: Promod Dungaree Dress

Damn you boobs! Curvy ladies, I suggest you leave this look for the more flat chested fashionistas out there. Believe me, I did the searching for a more curvaceous friendly alternative….and what… 38 more words


Soups on!

Ahhh, fall! Brisk air, leaves falling, bon fires, hoodies, yes, all the basic white girl loves!  One of my personal favorites is: SOUP!  Last night I made a soup for the first time without a real recipe, just an idea, and it was wonderful!  221 more words

Frump Dump: Baggy Sweatpants

Problem: Baggy Sweats
When I was in college I had this GIANT pair of black sweatpants that I wore everywhere! I wore them to class, Starbucks, the cafeteria….you name it! 103 more words


Hello and Welcome!

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for sometime now. As a young professional two years out of college, I realized something horrific. I had become FRUMPY. 174 more words


The Problem of Plus-Size

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Catholic tomfoolery to bring you a short rant from the writer of this, your favorite blog. Why? Because this writer is getting sick and tired of the double standards of clothing these days, and how clothing companies see “plus-sized” women. 641 more words


My Frumpy Story...Sort of

According to Webster’s online dictionary the definition of the word “Frumpy,” is “dressed in an unattractive way; also of clothing : old and unattractive.”
Unfortunately, I have thought myself to fit very comfortably in this category. 770 more words