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my mind
will not rest
until I hear
from you again.


Mental Health Team Experience #16; Evac.

After the not so good assessment on Monday, they gave more bad news. Time to get out.

They said they would do their best to get me in front of someone as soon as possible, not that I particularly wanted to anyway. 493 more words

Mental Health


She just spent 20 minutes coughing and trying not to throw up because she cannot handle throwing up. What? I get it, throwing up sucks but you just spent 20 minutes feeling awful when if you had allowed your body to do what it obviously needed to do, your discomfort would have been over in minutes. 103 more words


Am I alone?

Lately I have been totally overwhelmed. I sometimes see myself as a whirlwind in slow motion, dragging my feet because I am tired and sometimes overburdened. 442 more words



I find it hard

to put pen to paper

and dig deep in the archives

of my innermost emotions

and string together

a smooth sounding configuration of words… 106 more words