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Don't worry about it.

You hear that phrase a lot but does it actually help?

Let’s talk about being competitive. No matter what you are playing, I think it’s safe to say that you want to win. 348 more words


Why Do I Say I Won't Do What I Know I Will Do

My wife and I play this game and do this dance. For our entire marriage we have danced this dance and always played this game. 156 more words


Christmas is Coming, Yippee! Or Not.

I have to admit I’m quite afraid of Christmas time. I always feel pressured to be happy and feel good and I feel guilty when I’m not that happy as I think I should be. 288 more words

This Is Why People Don't Volunteer

. . . or at least one of the reasons.*  When people volunteer, instead of thanking these volunteers, people complain.  This Christmas season I was sure to thank my volleyball co-coach, Girl Scout co-leader, my girls’ teachers, and the school security team (especially in this day and age).  412 more words

It Must Be Nice

I can’t get this boy out of my head! At a discussion on race with CDI (Center for Diversity and Inclusion) he expressed feeling offended and discriminated against for being told he had this “white privilege” after not growing up particularly rich he feels it’s condescending. 972 more words

Heavens Hotlines

Lost my cool

I finally have a stair gate! It’s only taken just under a fortnight to get X to fit it for me, so an improvement on how long it took for him to sort the cot. 154 more words

Single Parent