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Day 50: Babysitter Blues

I’m sorry friends. It’s hard for my posts to be regular during the week because my kids take a lot out of me. It’s Tuesday and I’m already completely exhausted. 234 more words

Really... AGAIN!

Mr. Current hasn’t been paid from work, some delays within the organisation, but his broke ass has been constantly coming up to me asking me for things. 361 more words


Good. Lord.

I had this whole post written up yesterday… and apparently never saved it. I forget that WordPress doesn’t save automatically like Gmail. Ugh! 

I need a minute. -__-

I'm Frustrated.

I haven’t posted in a while. Well, its kind of what I expected would happen.
I dunno what to write/say.

Well, its been only 4 days since I got home, and I’m already starting to feel the pressure. 725 more words


the commute.

This is an irrational rant. This is stupid, childish, and just me straight up complaining. Full disclosure. But it has to be said.

I live five miles from the train stop. 454 more words


The Seven-Month Itch

As I pass the 7 month mark of my journey, I find myself reflecting with the type of frustration I imagine morning commuters must experience when traffic is worse than usual. 541 more words

General Update

I feel so inadequate and hopeless.

My stepdaughter got an interview for a job today, one I would have applied for if it weren’t for this relentless pain and fatigue that courses through my body day after day after day. 640 more words