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I don’t even know where to begin. I feel like I’m all over the place…again. I hate feeling like I’m not in control. I wish my heart would catch up with my brain already… 99 more words

Breath in, Breath out.... repeat

I love that I can save everything in TheCloud… I can have all I need at the tip of my fingers everywhere.

Except when I need to finish an urgent project for a client and everything I need is delivered to me via TheCloud and my internet connection is a reminiscence of the dial-up speed years. 15 more words

Life In China

Whiney Rant

I don’t know what to do anymore. Everything has literally gone to shit. I wish there was an instant fix to make everything better but I know there never will be and it tears me up inside.  540 more words


The Infamous Spare Tire

I am a 5’3, 16 year old who plays as an outside hitter in a club volleyball team. I am not the strongest outside hitter on my team, but I’m the most reliable one. 294 more words

How I am feeling right now.

How am I feeling.

Yucky – I have a cold.

Guilty – I haven’t visited my mother in 5 days (because of my cold).

Weighed down – The laundry needs folding and the socks need marriage counselling. 77 more words

Tired, So So Tired

Ugh, I am so frustrated, I have just finished 3 cups of coffee and still my eyelids are forcing themselves down, down down. I feel narcoleptic, and not in the ways that are familiar to me. 200 more words

Didn't get another job...

That I interviewed for…it’s starting to not even surprise me anymore…but it is still frustrating, and I don’t understand why, especially when the interview went so well…UGH! 41 more words