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A-to-Z Challenge - The Letter Q


A word played on a scrabble board that has absolutely no fucking meaning whatsoever, scores alot of points and screws up the gameplay for your opponent. 19 more words

A-to-Z Challenge

What’s the one thing you really want right now that you just can’t fucking figure out how to do/get/achieve?  What is it that feels just beyond your grasp? 

It's not my PIN that's invalid.

To add to my dismay with how we let the convenience of technology interfere with personal financial arrangements, I’ve had problems with my debit card this week. 753 more words

Life Stuff

Daring Greatly...or whatever.

On the surface things are going well with my new Church. Last week we spent four out of seven days together. Holy togetherness! Normally I would see this as overkill but I’m doing things differently this time, remember? 940 more words


Changing Scene

Do you feel life closing in? Is it getting harder to breathe? Your head pounds with every sound. Your chest tightens with every request or inquiry.   162 more words

Healthcare 1.0

Strolling through Twitter today after seeing stuff like this

I invariably run across the equivalent of saying “you’re fat”~

“healthcare in the USA is more expensive, with shittier outcomes than every other country on the planet and millions of Americans go bankrupt without insurance” 231 more words

A poem..

Emotional Zombie

The world runs on sex, and I’m left in the dark.
I can’t seem to comprehend, this affliction of the heart.
Was I wired wrong? 283 more words