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Training Wheels


“Are you sure you got a hold of me Daddy,”  four year old Davie said to his Dad as he started to move the pedals on his brand new big kid bike. 154 more words


Trust representatives attend FSF/Supporters Direct Supporter Summit

On Saturday July 26th, representatives from the 1895 Trust (Chair Lee Daly and Membership Officer Barry Worthington) attended the 2014 Supporters’ Summit at Wembley Stadium. 641 more words


Review: F&SF May/June 2014

As my reading queue piles up, I decided to go ahead and read May/June’s issue of F&SF. As the issue is already removed from the newsstands, I will briefly review the stories I liked the most. 166 more words

Looking Back: "A Canticle for Leibowitz"

I have decided to write a few book reviews from time to time. I don’t intend to turn this into a book review blog, but I’d like to be able to set down my musings on random books as the fancy strikes me. 847 more words

K.D. Keenan

Five Sentence Fiction: Fearless

She stood, head thrown back and hair flying away from her face, the sword held aloft, a true picture of fearlessness.

They had her at the edge of the cliff, with only a sheer drop behind into the rocks below, and five of them with swords drawn, fanned out just a few feet away in front. 134 more words



Your first day of High School can be a terrifying thing even in the best of circumstances, and by the laws that govern the halls I was the tall geek with thick rimmed glasses. 171 more words