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5 Sentence Fiction: Feathers

Inspired by Lillie McFerrin‘s 5 Sentence Fiction. This week’s prompt: Feathers.


The stupid suit felt like it weighed 50 pounds, made her sweat like she’s at the gym and the feathers tickled her nose. 105 more words

5 Sentence Fiction

Memories & Movies

Five Sentence Fiction – Feathers

Memories and Movies

I searched through the attic of my mind for memories long hidden in dark corners and opened a round metal container covered in dust. 111 more words


FSF Comes To Manchester

Last week Manchester hosted The FSF (Football Supporters Federation) to discuss football and how we, as supporters, can make the beautiful game even better. What better location to host the event, than one of the greatest football cities in the country!? 480 more words


Even insipid Toon can't rain on MAOC's parade

The wheels on the bus went round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheels on the bus went round and round all day…well for a few hours before kick-off anyway. 480 more words

NUFC Daily

Five Sentence Fiction – Ruins

The crumbling walls, moss covered stones, the statues with their features set in still acceptance, and especially the roots that grew as if reclaiming lost space, soothed her frayed nerves.  193 more words


5 Sentence Fiction: Ruins

Inspired by Lillie McFerrin’s 5 Sentence Fiction. This week’s prompt: Ruins.

I go inside and walk among them, the ghosts of the past that swim inside this place. 107 more words