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FSI Financial Literacy Event with Rep. Hank Johnson (GA-4)

FSI has made financial literacy education a priority in 2014 and has worked to set up financial literacy events around the country in concert with interested federal and state legislators. 96 more words

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FSI Members Meet Florida Rep. David Santiago (R-27)

On Thursday, September 4, FSI members met with Florida Representative David Santiago (R-27) in his district of Deltona, Florida. During the meeting, FSI members discussed what it is they do, as well as several important issues unique to Florida. 61 more words

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Pumpkin Spice Madness!

Is it just me, or has the United States gone nuts with pumpkin spice EVERYTHING?  In Juarez, I did most of my grocery shopping in El Paso and in Ottawa I did most of my grocery shopping there, but did go down to shop in upstate New York from time to time.  157 more words

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I was made for this...

I grew up consolidating words, drawing out vowels, and being a little backwards. So naturally, Arabic is a wonderful fit! We had a wonderful word in Oklahoma that really reminds me of Arabic: d’ge’t. 574 more words

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How do you like your brains? Scrambled?

It’s only day two and I’ve already found myself crying in the bathroom. No scratch that, I ran from the room crying. Is it really that bad? 446 more words

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FSI Adds New Financial Advisor Members from Two Firms

In yet another strong show of support for the Financial Services Institute (FSI), Spire Investment Partners, LLC and Portfolio Resources Group, Inc. announced that their independent financial advisors are now new FSI financial advisor members. 432 more words

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The case against state-run retirement plans

This article was written by FSI’s president and chief executive, Dale E. Brown, and the full article originally appeared in Investment News.

While most Americans are not aware of it, a broad nationwide trend is underway that could profoundly impact the choices and tools that are available to them as they plan for retirement. 241 more words

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