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FT Island Hangul Live - Korean lesson 29

The final week of review covers, “I like the window seat.” Adding a new phrase gives one a chance to get to know another person’s preference by asking, “Which side do you like?” In other words, “Which do you choose …  (chicken or Jokbal; acting or music; guitar or piano)?”  Another half year of new lessons will begin next week on Nov. 15 more words

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FT Island Hangul Live - Korean Lesson 28

Are you keeping up with the weekly lessons brought to you by FT Island? The month of October is dedicated to the half-year review. Today’s review is, “Do you want to go to a restaurant?” Several new phrases are added that teach you how to say “Do you want to go to (karaoke, a ski resort, the ocean, a club)?” All in all, it is another quick and fun lesson in useful expressions. 15 more words

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Back In Time Korea: First Day Nerves

August 11th, 2010

Hey everyone!!

I don’t start school for another week, on the 18th. I’m a little scared….It will all be in all in Korean,어떻게!!!! 192 more words


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Lee Hongki "It will all be revealed soon... are you doing your work?" expresses discord with company?

Source: Starin via Nate

1. [+1,094, -30] Honestly, FNC set up their foundation with everything FT did for them but they put them on the backburner as soon as CNBLUE started doing well… 337 more words


Album Review: "Thanks To" by FTISLAND

FTISLAND is another one of those groups that I really don’t call myself a fan of. I don’t claim to be part of their fandom or really “relate” to anything related to the group/fandom. 258 more words


FTISLAND - To The Light

FTISLAND – To The Light
“To The Light” es el single 17th publicado por FT ISLAND en japon.

FTISLAND – To The Light
Lyrics︰LEE JAE JIN・LEE HONG GI… 318 more words