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Lee Hongki "It will all be revealed soon... are you doing your work?" expresses discord with company?

Source: Starin via Nate

1. [+1,094, -30] Honestly, FNC set up their foundation with everything FT did for them but they put them on the backburner as soon as CNBLUE started doing well… 337 more words


Album Review: "Thanks To" by FTISLAND

FTISLAND is another one of those groups that I really don’t call myself a fan of. I don’t claim to be part of their fandom or really “relate” to anything related to the group/fandom. 258 more words


FTISLAND - To The Light

FTISLAND – To The Light
“To The Light” es el single 17th publicado por FT ISLAND en japon.

FTISLAND – To The Light
Lyrics︰LEE JAE JIN・LEE HONG GI… 318 more words


(Lee Hong Ki of FT Island in the Modern Farmer Korean Drama)

Happy Monday to Midterm Week! ;DD
This is how I felt this morning at 8am until 10:30pm. 22 more words


(IMPORT) Kpop Laptop Backpack

IDR 320.000


Material : Nylon

Size : 45 x 30 x 15 cm 20 more words


FT Island Hangul Live - Korean Lesson 27

The month of October is dedicated to reviewing the first half of the year’s lessons. Today’s review is “Please drop me off here.” Of course for entertainment value, our FT Island idols add behind-the-scenes stories of Gorgeous Jonghun’s acting as a top star in that episode. 32 more words

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Penjelasan dan Permintaan Maaf Penulis Naskah Drama "Modern Farmer" untuk EXO-L

Belum juga menayangkan episode perdana, drama akhir pekan SBS “Modern Farmer” telah banyak menuai kritikan tajam. Kritikan tersebut banyak diluncurkan dari para EXO-L, yang merasa tidak terima karena nama band dalam drama tersebut memiliki nama yang sama dengan idola mereka. 210 more words