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Cramming operation shut down, ordered to pay back $38 million

No one likes spending money on things they never agreed to pay for, or “agreed” through some type of trickery. One of the most frustrating scams out there right now is called “cramming,” where a telemarketer calls businesses and other consumers to “verify information,” takes whatever answer the person gives as a “yes” and adds a monthly charge to their phone bill. 265 more words

AgeCheq hopes to save app developers and game companies from impending fed crackdown

The feds are set to begin slapping app developers and mobile game companies with hefty fines for violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act starting any day. 724 more words


Social Media Marketing – New FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Guidance On Generating “Buzz”

For the first time since it issued its Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising in 2009, the FTC has provided new guidance on the use of social media to generate consumer interest (or “buzz”) in a brand. 685 more words

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Facebook Is Getting a Little too Close for Comfort

Facebook FB -1.31% users will soon be able to receive notices on their mobile app when they’re near friends, signaling an effort by the online social network to play a bigger role in real-world interactions.


Teen social media influencers are raking in six figures while you sleep

Take in for a second the fact that a 20-year old Manhattan girl with 1.4 million Instagram followers has a two-product endorsement deal for posting endless photos of her derriere. 437 more words

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Debt Relief Scams and How to Manage Your Debt



After someone tagged my name “Penny Rielly” with a debt relief scam, I decided to look into the ways that people are getting scammed and what real recourse someone has for getting help with getting a handle on their debt. 369 more words