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Lets Play: FTL Advanced Edition (Obsidian Cruiser Successful Boss Fight)

If you’ve been with us for a while you know how long we have been trying to defeat the boss on Faster Than Light. Well with the help of mods we finally did it. 89 more words


A few things Today

1) I was able to acquire a screwdriver small enough to keep dismantling my 3DS. As I was doing this, one of the ribbons decided it would be a good idea to snap. 279 more words


speak for itself

often, i find it very easy to ramble. i could talk your *ear* off about the clothes, tattoos, shoes, hair, jewelry && piercings that i love. 137 more words

Second Life

Nintendo, where are you headed?

The saga of my feelings towards Nintendo have been well documented on this site.  From my debate that Nintendo is becoming irrelevant to my ultimate… 1,030 more words

Video Games

A Reflection on Gaming: "Piloto's Story"

This week, I decided to add a post to reflect on one of my more recent and memorable moments in gaming that I wanted to share, focusing on the way procedural generation in gaming has allowed us to create our own stories. 1,114 more words