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My Week in Games [1/23/2014 - 1/29/2014] [Poll] Meltdown, Sims 4, Dead Space 3, Saints Row 3, FTL, Battlemass 2, Super Mario Land 2 and More

I had someone pick a fight with me this week over only spending 4.5 hours in Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth and giving it such an in depth review. 1,505 more words

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FTL: Faster Than Light - High praise, low maintenance


I’m going to use a word that I really hate using here, but this game is a real indie gem. FTL might not look like much, but the game is one of the best time killers around and deserves some praise. 688 more words


FTL: Faster than Light Review

FTL: Faster than Light (Yes that does appear to be its full title) is an indie title developed by Subset Games. It is a space-based simulation / strategy game in which you travel from planet to planet and sector to sector as you try to deliver a vital piece of data to some Federation. 1,085 more words

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Frontier - Act03 Chapter11 - Dead of Winter

House of Winter Ketch Simiks-Fel
Engineering section

As Telemica charged through the ship’s corridors, she didn’t stop to engage the Fallen crew she encountered. The Titan simply ran through them, letting them break upon her like calm waves on a beach, forgotten a moment later. 1,599 more words


Space Chuck Web # 16

sleepy sleepy sleepy!  Time for sleep.

of course, thanks to the magic of the internet, this comic won’t be posted until monday morning at 9am… EVEN THOUGH, as i type this, it is monday morning at 1pm!   106 more words