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Open a FTP site with windows explorer

After quite a while i had to upload some file to a FTP server.  I didn’t have a dedicated ftp client installed so i planned to use the integrated FTP client that is in windows 7. 129 more words


Block FTP user to home directory - ProFTP

One day I was give a task where in FTP users needs to be blocked to their home directory only, user should not be allowed to access top level directory.   378 more words

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Consulting 101: Credibility and Integrity

Let me preface this treatise with a message to those in my audience who actually know me in person. I’ve been doing what I do for almost 18 years. 917 more words


Finally, NCBI Genomes recognises Archaea*

I’ve been complaining about this for years. They fixed it. The NCBI have reorganised their genomes FTP site and finally, Archaea are not lumped in with Bacteria. 53 more words


Ex-Worker #27: Anti-Police Riots in Ferguson

From Crimethinc.

#27: Anti-Police Riots in Ferguson – Since the murder of Mike Brown by police on August 9th, Ferguson, Missouri has been the site of intense riots, looting, and clashes with police. 192 more words

Protester tazed and arrested during march in West Philly

By Joshua Albert

(Editor’s note: This post has been changed to correct erroneous information. Only one protester was tasered, not two.)

Following several days of rallies in Philadelphia and around the country, local radical activists put out a call  for a “FTP” (fuck the police) march on Saturday night, to be staged after a separate vigil for Michael Brown, an 18 year-old killed by a Ferguson, MO police officer. 501 more words


Waiting for welcome message while connecting to FTP Server using Filezilla [Solved]

While I trying to connect FTP Server using Filezilla I got error , “waiting for welcome message”, Below is the error which is shown. 97 more words

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