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Alright, Then

There was a moment when he was breaking it off with me, where I noticed his teeth looked like the cigarettes that he smoked and his frame seem bunched up and haphazard in his sweater, like he was made of a laundry pile. 233 more words

Great Musical Artists that HAVEN'T made it on a talent show

No. 4,5,6,7,8, and the rest… I will never post about this again… listen up. THE FAT WHITE FAMILY are coming. You have been warmed.

How I've felt lately.

Yep, lately I’ve got these two running through my head for no apparent reason. None at all. I just kinda want to scream it out for the enjoyment. 7 more words

[261] mirror mirror

such a narcissist.
i’ll bet you think this haiku—
is about you, too.

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Learnt A Good Lesson

I always had doubts on my confidence. I believed that it is the reason why guys wouldn’t want to date me, because I seem intimidating. I have that mentality where being judged doesn’t really bother me. 375 more words

Get your shit together.

Seriously. We all have responsibilities. We all have things we don’t want to do. It’s normal, it comes with age.
But seriously, get your shit together and take care of these responsibilities. 74 more words

The Walk Through Hell Without The Devil

You will not lie anymore to my face
I have figured out what you wish
So I’ll be happier without this chase
And you can keep catching your own damn fish… 94 more words