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“If I were rich, I’d be an alcoholic.”

“tell me something more beautiful”


I don’t want to be your girlfriend
I just want to take your picture. 39 more words


I don’t want to be anything like you.

Fuck you mental illness........it's over between us. It's you..not me.

I am so fucking sick of dealing with this crap in my head. I know that having a mental illness is, fuck, almost normal these days….but I feel like lately, that is all that defines me. 978 more words


oh great moral compass

so he’s at it again.  and you, dear reader, are behind on the story.  i don’t have time to catch you up except to say that he has gotten very nasty in his e-mails to the point that my lawyer has notified his lawyer that except for emergencies regarding the children, all communications…   496 more words