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Britain First! are they just wankers?

For a long time I’ve been dimly aware of the group known as Britain First. Britain First are a group of nationalist outrage-merchants, whose purpose is to put – you guessed it – Britain First. 999 more words

Monday Musings: You Are Such A Hypocrite

Black Person: How can you proclaim to be so pro-black, yet you write so passionately about black women all hugged up with white men? 218 more words

Interracial Romance

Fuck Your Entitlement.

you do not need to be a part of his life. you do not need to be a part of his life. no amount of your shitty fits because your upset he blocked you or complaining will change that you do not need to be in his life. 32 more words


PhD em quebrar a cara.

Eu sou especialista em dar murro em ponta de faca. Me formei na ciência de sempre fazer algo virar merda e tenho pós-graduação em fazer papel de trouxa. 350 more words


Write off: Mother

To mom:

my mind is a riddle.
you’ll never figure it out,
not even with your ‘five year old logic’
never, always doesn’t exist.

To me: (here’s a lovely meditation I wrote just for me after spending a total of 30 minutes, and not a second more; to feel all the guilt and shame I have intertwined in these toxic connections with regard to my relationship with my  maternal maker, and my younger brother) 162 more words


Write off: Brother Dan'l

comparison is the thief of joy…
especially if you think, by some chance you are better
you’re wrong, dead wrong!
and it will cause you to experience life as a dull ache for something you used to have and love, 323 more words

Fuck Off

*hier beliebige Montags-Beschimpfung einfügen*

Es ist Montag. Mir ist kalt. Ich hab Stress. Und Spätschicht. Und Bauchschmerzen.

Frisch geduscht und die Rückstände der Blutabnahmepflaster sind immer noch nicht ab. 101 more words

Everyday Life