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I Saw The Sign And It Did More Than Open My Eyes...



use gestures to convey information or instructions


A short note

Recently, it seems, some people with sketchy connections have taken notice of this blog. I’d like to clear up a few things before anyone else thinks this is a good idea. 260 more words


Two Finger Style of Living Happy

Mr. A fell in love with Ms. X, then Mr. B claimed Ms. X to be his girlfriend, and in between all these confusion, suddenly Ms. 1,321 more words



Just saw an american guy being kicked out of Mc Donalds because he was refused 100 packets of ketchup,

he says as an american it is against his human rights!!!!

I say #fuckoff

Thomas-james Fisher

Erica and her Naïveté

“Do you have any idea why Chilean people would think every gringa is named, ‘Erica?’ Like is there some cultural thing where they think ‘Erica’ is the most popular name for white women or something?” 99 more words

All right, just a quick update.

I got kicked out of my brothers house in the middle of the night, walked 30 minutes with my two suitcases, two handbags and 2 winter jackets to McDonald’s and waited until 7am for a bus to Parramatta, bussed from there to Grainville, trained from Grainville to the city, then another train from there to Sydney airport. 792 more words

Daily Journal

Speaking of "non-believers"

“DID is not real!”

Science begs to differ, as do millions of sufferers + their family, friends and health care professionals world wide.

“You don’t have DID!” 147 more words